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Zellweger: Nothing between me and "wonderful," "kind," "good-looking" Clooney; Gwyneth once loved an ugly; Beyonc

Published November 15, 2001 5:06PM (EST)

Renée Zellweger would like to put all that talk about her and George Clooney to rest.

He's "a very good friend of mine," she tells W magazine, about the actor who was rumored to be considerably more than a friend of hers for a while there.

"I talk about him all the time. He's a wonderful man, the nicest person, you have no idea," the crinkly eyed actress gushes. "He's so kind, so kind. And you'd be shocked at how smart he is. Or maybe not. I think it comes across. He's a wonderful person, and he's one of my best friends. And as good-looking as he is, he's 50 times nicer than that."

Well, maybe she didn't want to put all the rumors to rest.

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Modest fellow

"When you think about it, I've acted more than just about anyone in the world -- ever!"

-- David Duchovny on the DVD release of "The X-Files: The Complete Season Four," from which he has extrapolated that he's acted for some 200 hours in the course of his career.

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Hideous love

Gwyneth Paltrow would also like to clear up a rampant misconception: She is not, she insists, shallow.

To prove this, she'll have us all know that she once had it bad for an ugly guy.

"I once fell in love with someone who was not, you know, a leading-man type -- a guy who was overweight and had sort of messed-up teeth," she told the Associated Press.

Alas, it was an unsightly love that was not to be. "I couldn't actually ever be with him 'cause he was with somebody else," she says, perhaps somewhat wistfully, "but I fell madly in love with him and it had nothing to do with what he looked like. It just had to do with who he was and how he understood me."

Now Gwyneth, that's not a very nice way to talk about Brad Pitt.

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Fans after Gwyneth's own heart

"I want to thank you guys because really, you guys come see my movies or you watch them on TV, and you don't care if I get fat and old."

-- Whoopi Goldberg, dedicating her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to her faithful fans on her 46th birthday.

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No butt bongo for Beyonci and Em

And while we're on rumor patrol, Beyonci Knowles would like to make something perfectly clear: She and Eminem are not dating.

They're not into spanking either, and she regards tabloid reports to the contrary as a real pain in the ass.

"I was flicking through a magazine and there was this picture I could not believe," the Destiny's Child frontwoman tells the U.K. Mirror. "They took my head and Eminem's head and put them on the bodies of two people spanking each other. I'm not kidding."

She was shocked, appalled, horrified, she says. Adding, "I'm sure Eminem must have been just as sickened as I was."

I'd say that depended on whether he was spanker or spankee.

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