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J.Lo denies diva allegations, spars with Smoking Gun; Courtney Love, Russell Crowe got "weird" together; Tom and Nicole fail to deliver season's biggest drama; and more!

Published November 16, 2001 5:56PM (EST)

What does Jennifer Lopez do when faced with allegations that she's a demanding diva even while working on a charity project? Deny, deny, deny.

Despite the fact that the Smoking Gun published the actual paperwork from Lopez's people insisting that the star be given dee-luxe (all-white) accommodations for her very brief appearance on the "What's Going On" video benefiting the Sept. 11 Fund, Lopez herself says it don't mean a thing.

"First of all, being involved in something like that is a total thing where you do it out of the goodness of your heart," Lopez sniffed to TV Guide Online. "So I think people enjoy a little bit the idea of me misbehaving, but I'm a professional. [That's] not my style. If you really want to check it out ... don't ask Internet gossip pages or whatever. Get the information from the right people and you'll get a different picture -- the truth!"

Smoking Gun mastermind Bill Bastone finds Lopez's vehement denial somewhat mystifying.

"Normally, we wouldn't want to tangle with a former gun moll for P. Diddy," he tells me, "but [she] can't really deny that her fingerprints are all over that rider: Beans, rice, chicken, apple pie a la mode, brownies, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate chip cookies can go straight to a girl's ass."

That'll teach J.Lo to dis Internet gossip pages.

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Brosnan denies implants

"I have not had any plastic surgery in any shape or form. No implants. And my hair is not dyed."

-- Pierce Brosnan, just voted People magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive," attesting to own his natural beauty.

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Lost souls united in pain

Remember that night back in January when Courtney Love and Russell Crowe hooked up? It was right after the Golden Globe Awards, and the reports at the time were pretty raunchy.

Well, Courtney says, it wasn't what we thought.

Though she and Crowe did spend the night together, she confesses to Us Weekly, "The truth is ... we didn't really do anything."

I mean, OK, they did do something. Just not ... that.

"We went somewhere private ... and we cried together," she says. "There were 20 bodyguards in the other room. It was totally surreal. We sensed a lot of pain in each other. We didn't really even talk. We wrote weird poetry and cried. And we held each other's hands. It's very weird when your ability to make art from your pain is what brings you fame."

Agreed. That is very weird.

Gaines and losses

"I don't know if I ever want to lose that much weight again to play a character. It's something that I might be getting too old to do."

-- Garth Brooks on his misgivings about reviving his fictional pop-singing persona Chris Gaines for an upcoming film based on the album he put out as Gaines.

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The end of an era

Damn them.

After leading us all on with the promise -- OK, the unspoken promise -- of a messy asset/custody battle in court, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman have decided to settle their differences in an "amicable" way. And in private.

The former couple has "come to an amicable full resolution of all issues," according to a statement from their lawyers. "This was done to ensure that the best interests of their children were protected."

Though the rest of us may never know how much of their considerable assets each ex will make off with, we do know this: They will share custody of their two kids, Isabella, 8, and Connor, 6.

What's more, after months of public sniping and pitiful posturing, the two are apparently ready to bury the hatchet and even reportedly plan to spend Christmas together as one big happy Hollywood clan.

"We're family. We're going to raise these kids together," Cruise said in an interview aired this week on "Access Hollywood." "Both of us are going to insure that these kids are raised. We're now just the parents that are no longer together, but we still care about each other and there is a lot of respect and a lot of love there. We love our kids, and so we're going to do that together."

So the rest of us will just have to look to some other couple for bitter breakupage. Any volunteers?

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Do I hear an "Us! Us!" from the back?

Elizabeth Hurley and the father of her baby, producer Stephen Bing, may be nasty ex-couple candidates.

Although Hurley's hairdresser, Serge Normant, opines in USA Today that Bing is "a nice guy, very good guy," other friends of the actress tell a different story.

Her buddy William Cash recently wrote in the London Daily Mail that Bing is not at all interested in helping Hurley raise their child. Cash accuses Bing of "crude insensitivity to the future mother of his child [that] is galling by any standards."

In fact, Cash says, some of Hurley's friends have taken to calling the millionaire "Bing Laden."

Actually, that may be taking the nasty sniping thing just a tad too far.

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