"Guess What, the Bombing Worked Like a Charm"

By Christopher Hitchens

Published November 17, 2001 9:00AM (EST)

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Well done!

We need more on the "peace" charlatans who, whether through lack of moral courage or merely twisted character, essentially take the side of murderers, dictators and oppressors around the world in favor of their own open democracy.

Would that they redirect one-thousandth of the critical gaze they turn upon the U.S., which in this hostile, chaotic world has indeed morally stumbled at times, as upon the tyrants who do not stumble into evil, but are its champions.

-- Lee Kane

Regarding Mr. Hitchens' "Guess What, the Bombing Worked Like a Charm" piece of Nov. 14, let's see what's "worked":

In Afghanistan, the religiously fanatical thugs have been replaced by once and future mujahedin thugs. On the home front, the president and his party in Congress are more concerned with affirming their ideology and enriching their patrons than protecting the American people, and the course of the "war" is too important to let little things like the Constitution and Bill of Rights interfere. In order to save what makes American great, the president insists on destroying the very source of our greatness. Having military tribunals try criminal defendants is what our government once derided in others until deemed necessary to satisfy the fever of retribution.

Whatever happened to dealing with the terrorist threat itself? Hmmm?

Mr. Hitchens, is this something to celebrate? Perhaps in Great Britain, where human rights ultimately depend on the will of the partisan majority in Parliament. Whether bin Laden lives or dies, he has already won a signal victory. He effected the demonstration that our president is a constitutional agnostic.

-- Bob Brandon

In the miasmic fog that seems to have gripped so many on the left, Christopher Hitchens stands as a beacon of clarity. His understanding of the nature of the true menace in this situation, and the necessity of defeating it by forceful means if civilization is to be preserved, is well in keeping with the anti-Fascist tradition that seems to have been forgotten if not forsaken by so many Progressives.

-- Joe Mancini

Oh, bullshit, Hitchens.

The Afghans didn't hijack those planes two months ago. A collection of al-Qaida thugs, most likely led by Osama bin Laden and most of whom were Saudis, did.

You can be head cheerleader for the bombing campaign, but our frat-boy president and his flub-a-dub advisors, including our vaunted CIA, haven't a clue about al-Qaida, have no idea where Osama bin Laden is and lashed out at the handiest target, Afghanistan, to show us they were "doing something."

Until Dubya marches down Pennsylvania Avenue with bin Laden's head on a pike and the rest of al-Qaida in tumbrils, and until our greedhead Congress does something about airline security, the problem remains -- no matter how many overheated Islamic fundamentalists we carpet bomb in Afghanistan.

Yeah, we routed the Taliban. Good riddance. But when do we go after the loonies who did all the damage last September?

-- Larry Platt

The audacity of the ever-shrill and self-referential Christopher Hitchens (whose views I often share) calling "handwringing" antiwar critics "pompous"! Hitchens is, always has been, the personification of journalistic pomposity. And his trademark schoolboy sarcasm is sometimes a mask for hurried, half-baked analysis.

Still -- (sigh) -- we need him.

-- Peter Knudtson

By Salon Staff

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