Bruce and Billy Bob: Lovebirds?

Willis says he and Thornton love each other "in a prison way"; Halle Berry and Hilary Swank talk breasts. Plus: Waxing nostalgic with Cruise, Cruz and Kidman.

Published November 30, 2001 5:58PM (EST)

Remember how Angelina Jolie said she'd beat up any woman who had eyes for her husband, Billy Bob Thornton? Well, if that threat extends to men, too, Angie may have her work cut out for her.

Bruce Willis says he and Billy Bob, who have worked on a couple of films together, have something special going on.

"Billy Bob and I have a kind of a male love for each other, you know what I mean?" Willis tells, adding, "You know, in a prison way."

And just to make sure you don't misunderstand, Willis offers the following clarification: "We do love each other, and there is a kind of need for each other."

Perhaps they'd like to exchange vials of blood?

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The return of mammarius self-approbitis?

"That says that my boobs are pretty fucking incredible!"

-- Halle Berry on a poll finding that what people liked most about "Swordfish" was seeing her breasts, in Movieline.

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Off diaper duty

Whatever you do, do not suggest to Hugh Grant that he may be something of a surrogate father to Elizabeth Hurley's unborn child.

"Absolutely not," the actor sniffed to reporters in London. "I find that a slightly patronizing invention."

In fact, he says, he doesn't plan on getting remotely that close to the little tyke-to-be. "I'm not being a godfather," he said.

I guess that means the rest of us don't have to kiss his ring.

Oh no, it's spreading to good actresses

"If I'm not pushing my breasts down, I'm pulling them up. My breasts are taking on a life of their own!"

-- Hilary Swank on her transition from boyish to busty for her latest film, "The Affair of the Necklace," in Fashion Wire Daily.

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Cruisin' for a bruisin'?

Whoa, whoa! What's this? Tom Cruise is hinting that a reconciliation with Nicole Kidman is not out of the question.

"Nic and I, we're moving on with our lives and we're still moving on together," Cruise said during an interview on Australian TV. "Because forever we are together, you know, with the kids. It's something that we're both taking responsibility for."

As for the possibility that they could get back together, the actor said, "In the real world anything can happen."

Cruise is not ashamed to admit that, from time to time, he still gets a little nostalgic about his ex-wife. "We spent 11 years of our lives together and for me, I'm never going to forget those years," he said. "She's a beautiful artist, she's a beautiful mother and we are great friends and I don't want to lose that friendship."

Does Penelope know about this?

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I'll stop the world and melt with you ...

More to the point, does Madame Tussaud's know?

The London home of the internationally renowned wax museum has just unveiled a wax likeness of Tom Cruise's current girlfriend, Penelope Cruz.

Clad in a sparkly blue dress, the Spanish actress's wax likeness will likely be placed next to a new and improved statue of Cruise, which will be unveiled in January.

"If they are still together in real life," a spokeswoman for the museum told the press, "then we'll be putting them together."

That's a big "if" ...

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