"I'm A Stranger Here Myself"

Listen to humorist and bestselling author Bill Bryson's account of coming back to the U.S. after living in Britain for two decades.

Published December 4, 2001 9:03AM (EST)

Bill Bryson now guides readers and listeners on an affectionate tour of America's most outrageous absurdities.

After living in Britain for two decades, Bryson moved back to the United States with his English wife and four children. Delivering the comic musings that are a Bryson hallmark, "I'm a Stranger Here Myself" recounts his sometimes disconcerting reunion with the land of his birth.

From motels to careless barbers ("In the mirror I am confronted with an image that brings to mind a lemon meringue pie with ears"), he chronicles the quirkiest aspects of life in America, right down to our hardware-store lingo, tax-return instructions and vulnerability to home injury.

Listen to Bryson read an excerpt from "I'm a Stranger Here Myself" [BDD Audio] below.

By Salon Staff

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