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Published December 5, 2001 9:31PM (EST)

Dear Salon reader,

Since we launched our Salon Premium program last spring, some of you have asked that we provide alternatives to our $30-a-year offer.

Beginning today, we're doing just that. You can now subscribe to Salon on a monthly basis if you prefer. For $6 a month you'll get all the benefits of a Salon Premium subscription: full access to our award-winning news coverage; the option to turn off nearly all banner and popup advertising; useful services like our daily download edition; and more.

Obviously, the annual subscription remains your best value. But if you'd rather test-drive Salon Premium for a shorter period of time before committing for a whole year -- or if you prefer paying in smaller, spread-out amounts -- we hope this new option will fill the bill.

Subscribe now! Or click here to find out more.

-- The editors

By Salon Staff

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