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Pamela and Tommy Lee getting back in the ring; more on the Hurley-Bing baby battle. Plus: Rosanna Arquette: "My body wasn't that bad!"

Published December 10, 2001 5:30PM (EST)

If you thought we'd all seen the ugliest sides of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, think again.

The intermittently combative ex-couple is about to go a few more rounds in court. And this time their two kids are caught smack-dab in the middle.

Anderson has filed a motion challenging Lee's claim to joint custody of their boys, Brandon, 5, and Dylan, 3.

The former couple have been sharing custody, apparently fairly amicably, since they split in 1998 (not counting the six months Lee spent in prison for attacking Anderson while she held little Dylan, that is).

So why is Anderson now asking the court to award her full custody, order Lee to take anger-management and parenting classes, undergo psychological testing, refrain from calling her crude names in front of the kiddies and agree to be monitored during future visits with the kids? Two words: Kid Rock.

According to the AFP news service, Anderson told the court that her relationship with the redheaded rapper has exacerbated Lee's "belligerence toward co-parenting, a lack of understanding of what is appropriate for young children and a lack of parent skills and good judgment." Oh, and that's not all. It's also stirred up his "anger, harassment, and a breakdown in co-parenting."

Anderson's alluded to the drowning death of a child in Tommy Lee's swimming pool at a children's party a couple of months back. And Lee's buddies say he's planning a counterattack.

"Tommy is going to take the gloves off," one Lee loyalist told the New York Daily News. "Who's she to talk about being a good parent when she and Kid Rock are talking in Spin Magazine about tubing with the boys while drinking Cristal and Budweiser?"

Rock, who has kids of his own, has offered this ringing endorsement of Anderson's mothering skills.

"We both love our kids very much and we want to be parents," he told the Ventura County Star. "I didn't think there were any girls left out there -- especially with what I do -- who want to be moms anymore, who want to do the sewing and cooking and have me go out and fix the car and throw the kids around the yard. But that's what we have in common."

Then again, he admits, "When the kids aren't there, we like to whoop it up. Which I'm sure you've read about."

Yes, but we have yet to see the video.

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Naked nostalgia

"They're photographs from the '80s. Is that [nudity] something I would be doing now? I don't think so! Did I ever think they would end up in a book? Nooo! But is it funny to look back at myself -- you're always very judgmental, and go, 'God, my body wasn't that bad, I guess!'"

-- Rosanna Arquette on the nude photo of her in Nancy Ellison's new book "Starlet," in USA Today.

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Back to Bing

And now for your daily update on the Elizabeth Hurley-Stephen Bing brouhaha.

When last we heard from Hurley she was telling us how distraught she was at the unkind words sputtering from the mouth of the man she insists is the father of her unborn child. She was particularly upset, she said, at being portrayed as some kind of common "tart."

We knew Bing's response would not be long in coming and, right on cue, the British tabloids have filled us in.

"I don't know how she can know that I am the father," Bing has told friends, according to Peoplenews.com. "I've got people camped outside my house. My friends are looking at me in a different way and this has upset my family. That bitch has ruined my life."

As for the baby's life, an anonymous source has told the U.K. Sun that Bing just couldn't care less.

He and Hurley "never discussed having a baby. He thought she was on the Pill," the source said. "Steve just isn't interested in this baby -- he is a party animal and has no intention of settling down."

As if to prove this point, Bing reportedly has been seeing B-movie actress Brenda Swanson, who told the U.K. Mirror that he told her he refuses to let Hurley "put me in a skirt the way she did Hugh Grant."

Hugh Grant in a skirt? Now how could I have missed that story?

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Juicy bits

Reports that Jennifer Aniston has reconciled with her mother, Nancy, to whom she hasn't spoken in years, have apparently been greatly exaggerated. "There's been no discussion and I don't know where that came from. So no, not right now," the actress told the World Entertainment News Network. "But eventually I'm sure that'll happen." And we'll breathe a big sigh of relief, I'm sure.

If it's good enough for Madonna and Guy Ritchie ... According to Glamour.com, Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti are tying the knot this week at Scotland's Skibo Castle, the very same place that the Material Bride and Groom hitched it last year. In fact, some of the guests at the $3 million wedding will be the same as those at Madonna's. Maybe Gwyneth will catch the bouquet this time.

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