Can a Dog and a Dragon be more than friends?

When a good-humored Godzilla has a crush on a pup who likes to play with the pack, what are the chances for romance?

Published January 4, 2002 8:00PM (EST)

What sign are you more compatible with? Do you prefer Virgos, Libras or Scorpios? Or would it embarrass you to say that one-twelfth of the world turns you on? Maybe you would feel better knowing that, astrologically speaking, you're much more selective than that. Chances are that only one in 8,640 people in the world really makes you wild with desire!

You don't like all Libras -- you like Libras born in the Year of the Sheep -- particularly itinerant Fire Sheep, as opposed to calmer, home-loving Wood Sheep -- and you especially like the ones born between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. -- in the hours of the mysterious, strong-willed Snake. But, since you don't happen to know that you're a Fire Horse Sagittarius born in the hours of the Rat, how will you know to keep an eye out for alluring Libra Sheep melds, and shun the toxic Virgo Rabbit combo, which can be practically fatal to horse sag? Relax. I can help you before it's too late.

For a decade, I've explored how the sun signs of the Western Zodiac (Aquarius, Virgo, Gemini, etc.) interact with the Chinese lunar calendar signs (Rat, Dog, Dragon, etc.), to form one complex, blended personality. In the course of this study, I have paid special attention to the affinities and aversions the different blends tend to have for one another. This sideline soon became known to my friends, and throughout the '90s, I honed this expertise at dinners and cocktail parties on an ad hoc basis, as I satisfied my friends' insatiable curiosity to know how compatible they were with their crushes, dates, beloveds, spouses and exes.

Wouldn't you like to know what your sun-moon meld says about your character, and whether the person you love or desire is likely to be a good match for you and what sort of partner is your sign's ideal type as decreed by the spheres? Now you can find out. Each week I'll lay out the solar and lunar calendar coordinates of one couple, or prospective couple, to investigate their potential for romance, and see how well they mesh. Some will be velcro, some will be no-go. (If you're a Salon Premium member, see the end of this article for specific information on how to submit your own Love Collision query).

Whether you're wondering about the chances that sparks might fly between you and a fascinating stranger, or simply hoping to unscramble the dynamic between you and your present partner, I'll personalize your Love Collision query with as much detail as your signs can provide -- with the understanding that, whether or not what is revealed is in the cards for you -- it's in your stars.

And now, the astrological assessment of the very first Love Collision couple. A man from California named Kyle is curious about a possible romance with Letitia, a friend. They're both strong characters and their prospects for success in love are, well, read on ...

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Can a Water Dragon and an Earth Dog be more than friends?

Kyle: Jan. 20, 1953, 3:09 a.m. Capricorn Water Dragon, born in the hour of the Tiger

Letitia: Sept. 18, 1958, 2:25 p.m. Virgo Earth Dog, born in the hour of the Sheep

Kyle was born in 1953, and if you read your placemat too carelessly, you might think he's a Snake. But no; in 1953, the Chinese lunar year began on Feb. 14, so the previous year's sign, Water Dragon, continues through Feb. 13. The Water Dragon is the most playful and least fearsome variety of Dragon -- think iridescent scales and Lessa of Pern, not Godzilla. But watch out; like all Dragons, he will still expect to be treated with clear respect, and will have enormous ambition, determination and ability.

Because he is born in the hour of the Tiger (which corresponds to Aquarius in the Western Zodiac) this Dragon should be particularly creative, sociable and good-humored, but may have a little less follow-through than other Dragons, or may scatter his energies through an overabundance of ideas. People born with Kyle's sign combination get a lot of attention and admiration in childhood, which makes them expect that sort of reception in later years, too; however, to be truthful, they don't look too deeply into the motives or moods of people around them, so they will probably expect they're being admired whether they are or not. But the fact that Kyle's sun sign is Capricorn provides interesting balance; the willful magic of Dragon and the inventive ebullience of Tiger will be usefully harnessed by Capricorn's realism, pragmatic strategizing and dogged stick-to-itiveness. Depending on the dominance of the Capricorn element in the meld, this person could have great luck at putting his energy and ideas into action.

Kyle's object of affection, Letitia, has a much more subtle, mysterious combination; hers is the sort of character that leads men to purse their lips, grin, shake their heads, and say, "Women!" in utter bafflement. As an Earth Dog, she will be very friendly, emotional and loving, but she will not play favorites, so you may feel uncertain about how important you are to her, an uncertainty that makes Dragons irritable. Her birth time -- during the hours of the Sheep -- makes her an especially sensitive and beauty-loving personality, but may also imply that she tends to blame others for her mistakes, or, more generally, take a passive approach to her love or work relationships, rather than make a choice. As a Virgo, she is feminine, intuitive, tactful, detail-oriented, conscientious and organized; but she may also be critical of herself and others and emotionally withholding. So, if your busy, warm, furry, loving Virgo-Dog gets weepy, she probably won't tell you why (Virgo influence), then will blame you for not guessing it anyway (Sheep hour influence) and will mentally start criticizing you as egotistical (Dog vs. Dragon dynamic). Also, your Tiger-hour nature makes it hard for you to tolerate her emotionalism; Tigers like a happy face.

Still, your Capricorn tenaciousness and her gentle allurements may keep you in this tumultuous game, and it certainly won't be boring! Ideally, you should both have engrossing work; Virgos do well in professional relationships, which are less fraught for them than personal ones, and Dogs like playing with the pack. And you -- you shiny magnetic fizzy Dragon-Tiger -- can get the effusive approbation you need from your admiring colleagues.

If you and your Virgo Dog do part ways, you might find relations a little more lighthearted with a Sagittarian Rat (creative, self-directed, sociable, acquisitive, homebuilding, emotionally untortured, loyal, delighted to pay respect to Dragons) or a Rooster Virgo (if you like a Virgo now, you clearly don't mind a bit of hard work; and the Rooster temperament makes the blended personality more cheerful and vivacious). Roosters just adore Dragons. Of course, this is all just a hunch.

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