Kevin Spacey: "The Oscar Wilde of our time"?

Russell "The Blabiator" Crowe strikes again; Jagger talks about his "best lover in the world" rep. Plus: Moby talks about eating a cat!

Published January 7, 2002 5:36PM (EST)

If you're an actor fighting to keep a straight -- or at least preference-neutral -- image in the face of wild speculation about your sexual orientation, you'd do well to steer clear of Russell Crowe.

Remember that time a couple of years ago when Crowe blabbed that one of his band's songs, "Other Ways of Speaking," was inspired by Jodie Foster?

It's about "meeting somebody that you think [you] could ... easily fall in love with ... but they, ah, they in fact play for a different team," Crowe told an Australian TV interviewer, forcing Foster's flack to skid into a sharp spin.

"'Playing for a different team' could mean a lot of things," the actress' spokeswoman, Pat Kingsley, said at the time.

Now Kevin Spacey's people may want to get ready to do a little spinning of their own, as the blabiator has seen fit to share the following insights about Spacey with a reporter from USA Weekend magazine.

"He's the most charming man. He's the Oscar Wilde of our time," Crowe says of Spacey, who, as we all know, has gone to great lengths to staunch rumors about what Esquire once controversially termed his "secret."

"He's always very open and effusive," Crowe clarifies, hardly making matters much better. "His interest in you is genuine."

Well, I suppose being "the Oscar Wilde of our time" can mean a lot of things, right?

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Satisfaction denied

"Best lover in the world? That's probably a load of bollocks. I suppose it's good. But I don't think anyone believes that stuff about me anyway."

-- Mick Jagger, sticking out his tongue at his sexy rep.

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Green sleaze?

Was Drew Barrymore as surprised as the rest of us when Tom Green broke the news of their divorce? So 'twould seem.

"I thought we'd ease into a public separation," Barrymore told, "but apparently Tom wanted to do something dramatic."

Don't get her wrong. It was the announcement -- not the divorce itself -- that caught her off guard. The marriage, she said, was "doomed from the start."

"We just didn't belong together and we should never have married," she said.

Now they tell us.

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Sundance geezer -- and proud

"I noticed about 10 years ago people would say, 'I notice you're more wrinkled.' But I just thought, Yeah that's what happens. Besides a person's road map is there to be seen and shared."

-- Robert Redford on his love of lines, on

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Cat bites man, man bites cat

However your new year is going, it's got to be better than Moby's. On New Year's Day, Moby got himself bitten by a rabid cat and ended up in the emergency room at New York's Beth Israel Hospital.

"Yesterday I was walking around Chinatown (as I'm wont to do) and I stopped to pet a street cat (as I'm wont to do) and the street cat attacked me (as they're wont to do) and it bit my hand very deeply (as they're wont to do)," the musician explained Wednesday in a dispatch on his Web site.

His hand swelled up and kept swelling throughout the day, but, Moby says, "I, being relatively stoic, just went about my business, assuming that my relative youth and relative health would prevent me from getting rabies or whatever diseases were floating around in this cat's mouth."

But when he woke up the next morning in "tons of pain," he hauled his famous booty into the emergency room, where he was given a tetanus shot and antibiotics and multiple remonstrations for delaying treatment.

As of Thursday, Moby was insisting he was feeling "fine, thanks," though he compared the bitten finger's appearance to that of "an over-stuffed hot dog." He has, however, learned a few lessons.

"Don't pet stray animals," he warns. "And if you do get an animal bite ... go to the hospital right away."

A devout believer in homeopathy and alternative medicines, Moby says he has new respect for antibiotics and Western medicine.

He's also apparently rethinking his commitment to veganism: "I've decided that, although I'm still a vegan, I will definitely eat this cat if I see it again."


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