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Charlie Sheen to wed Denise Richards; Backstreet's Carter: "I ain't a bad person." Plus: Sarah Jessica Parker on her troublemaking babies; Yasmine Bleeth gets off.

Published January 10, 2002 5:51PM (EST)

Four words I never thought I'd type in succession: Charlie Sheen, marrying man.

But, alas, it's true, the notoriously promiscuous actor is completing his transformation into fine, upstanding feller and getting himself hitched ... to ... Denise Richards.

The bad boy and the Bond girl, who first met several years ago, have apparently been seeing each other for a few months and have moved in together.

Sheen's publicist has confirmed the engagement to the AFP news service, but the couple has yet to share any of the wedding particulars.

If they end up short a few bridesmaids, I'm sure a certain black-book-keeping Hollywood madam would be able to help them out.

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"I ain't a bad person. I've never been in trouble my whole life. I was basically in tears almost."

-- Blubbery Backstreet Boy Nick Carter on his recent nightclub arrest, on MTV.

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Chic-est link?

Attention, Mr. Blackwell. You can't go around calling Anne Robinson names and expect to waltz away completely unscathed.

The haughty British quiz show host says she's not at all insulted to have been named fashion's "weakest link" by the snarky clothes critic.

"I have not heard of Mr. Blackwell, but I have heard of Jasper Conran, Giorgio Armani, Issey Miyake and Ralph Lauren ... and those are the houses who dress me," Robinson told

And as for Blackwell's characterization of her as "Harry Potter in drag," Robinson says she's "quite flattered" by it. "There is probably about 50 years between me and Harry Potter," she notes.

In sum, she says, "I don't wear colors and I don't patronize people ... He [Mr. Blackwell] is the weakest link ... goodbye."


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Big faker!

"Christina's fans know how little she is, and this woman is not that little, she just has blond hair."

-- Christina Aguilera's lawyer, Carla Christofferson, on how you can tell the woman in that porn video is not her client.

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Juicy bits

Sex and the married girl? It ain't all it's cracked up to be, according to Sarah Jessica Parker. The London Mirror quotes the "Sex and the City" star as saying that she and her husband, Matthew Broderick, would like to have a family, but can't quite arrange their schedules to make it happen. "You both need to be in the same place at the same time, and really there's about a two-day window, as I learned in my biology classes," says Parker. "So who knows?" Not I, thankfully.

Just when you thought the reality TV racket was pretty well beat, John McEnroe has seen fit to serve up another real-life-based game show for ABC. The former tennis great and sports commentator is slated to host "The Chair," in which contestants will compete to answer questions while keeping their heart rate down. My heart rate's down already.

Yasmine Bleeth got off easy. Not only did she (understandably) not get a whole lot of press coverage when she crashed her car on 9/12 and got hauled in for possession of cocaine, but a judge has let her off with two years' probation and 100 hours of community service after she pled not guilty to charges of possession and driving while impaired. Just how she plans to meet her community service requirement has yet to be determined. May I suggest bikini-wearing lessons for the underprivileged?

Some people would be thrilled to find themselves in possession of a perfect set of abs with no effort on their part. Nelly Furtado is not one of those people. The singer is downright ticked at British men's magazine FHM for putting a provocatively manipulated photo of her on its cover. "There I am with a shirt that has actually been digitally altered to go to just below my chest, with a stomach that I don't recognize," she griped the other day on BBC Radio 1. "I don't like being misrepresented to my fans. You work hard to represent a certain thing and have a certain image ... and somebody can take it all away with the cover of a magazine." Introducing ... Belly Furtado!

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