Harrison and Minnie!?

Are Ford and Driver on the road to romance? Raid! Adam Ant busted in London. Plus: Is Kevin Spacey to blame for actresses' pregnancies?

Published January 15, 2002 8:00PM (EST)

The weirdest rumored celebrity coupling since that whole Eminem/Kim Bassinger thing: Minnie Driver and Harrison Ford.

Hard to picture, but true, according to New York magazine. The city mag pegs Driver, 30, and Ford, 59, as "dating" for about a month, which is just two months after Ford split from his wife, Melissa Mathison, and Driver broke it off with her fiancé, Josh Brolin.

But the fact that they both became available around the same time -- in October -- may not be the only thing the seemingly disparate duo have in common. The two apparently share a dedication to the same celebrity photographer, Timothy White, and were both among about three dozen people in attendance at the opening of White's photo exhibition in L.A. in November.

Around White, Ford told the press at the time, "You feel emboldened to express yourself."

Possibly even to a woman half your age ...

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Comforting news

"Andy doesn't have a guy with a hand up his butt."

-- "Andy Richter Controls the Universe" executive producer Victor Fresco, who also worked on "Alf," on the difference between Richter and a certain alien puppet, in the Toronto Sun.

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Don't drink, don't smoke, but there is the gun thing

Old '80s stars never die, they just come back with guns ...

The man the world once knew as Adam Ant was arrested in a London pub on Saturday night and charged with possession of a firearm. The singer, whose real name, it turns out, is Stuart Goddard, was allegedly in some sort of scuffle with another man in his 40s, and has also been charged with criminal damage and bodily harm, according to the BBC.

He's due to appear in court in connection with the charges later this week.

So much for all that goody-two-shoes business.

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Still hasn't found what he's looking for?

"I was there to learn something about quantum physics."

-- U2 guitarist the Edge on why he attended Stephen Hawking's speech on "The Future of Theoretical Physics and Cosmology" at Cambridge University, to the U.K. Sun.

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Don't blame the toilet seats

Blame Kevin Spacey for Julianne Moore and Cate Blanchett's pregnancies. He apparently blames himself. Or rather, he blames his ride.

"Both Julianne Moore and Cate Blanchett were pregnant [and] all three ladies had ridden on my quad bike," Spacey told Ananova.com when asked about his "Shipping News" costars.

Judi Dench, meanwhile, has managed to avoid the effects of Spacey's bike.

Maybe she rode sidesaddle?

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