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Pelly swears he didn't get Prince Harry high; Hurley sobs over broken window; Ah-nuld complains about violence. Plus: Adam Ant's gun was fake; Bon Jovi promises to stop singing!

Published January 16, 2002 5:44PM (EST)

What kind of kid would be stupid enough to sell drugs to a member of the perpetually press-watched British royal family? And to the youngest member, at that?

Not, Guy Pelly insists, Guy Pelly.

Pelly, the 19-year-old student accused of toking up with 17-year-old Prince Harry, says he never touched the evil weed in Harry's company. Tabloid reports to the contrary (Harry himself has admitted to having experimented with pot, much to his elders' chagrin), he says, were "at best misleading and at worst totally wrong."

"I have never taken drugs with Prince Harry or supplied any drugs to him," Pelly told the press. "I would like this categorical statement to put an end to the matter."

An end to the press's preoccupation with the prince's admitted dalliance with drugs? What, is he on crack?

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Hea Culpa

"Hollywood has no moral code when it comes to violent films."

-- Arnold Schwarzenegger on the movie industry's refusal to terminate on-screen violence once and for all, in the German magazine Hoerzu.

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Hurley hurl

You'd think Liz Hurley'd had it rough enough recently, what with the public dispute over the paternity of her unborn child and all. But things got even rougher Sunday night when a brick was hurled through the driver's side window of her car.

The car, a Volvo, was parked in front of the Los Angeles home of director Guy Louthan, police told the U.K. Sun. And when Hurley discovered the smashed glass she was said to have dissolved into tears.

Police contend that the attack was most likely a result of random violence, and not directed specifically at the pregnant actress/model.

But ... um ... can't we blame Stephen Bing for this one too?

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Audit this

"We have always been fascinated with the mysteries of the tax code and with the people who struggle so mightily to plumb its depths."

-- Filmmaking brothers Joel and Ethan Coen on why they agreed to make a commercial for H&R Block, which will be aired during the Super Bowl.

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Juicy bits

Adam Ant is adamant: He did not brandish a firearm during that London pub skirmish the other night. "Adam was not carrying a real gun but a replica, and the charges hereby laid are not as severe as they seem," his management company told the press. "Nor was his intent to purposely harm another individual." The '80s icon, who was arrested and released over the weekend, is said to be "resting from his ordeal."

Jon Bon Jovi's serious about this acting thing. So serious, in fact, that he's not going to sing -- not even one little note -- during his string of appearances on "Ally McBeal." The rocker is set to appear for nine episodes, in which he plays a handyman who falls hard for the show's superskinny miniskirted heroine. So much for the serenade scene.

John McEnroe's new gig hosting the ABC game show "The Chair," in which contestants must keep their cool while being bombarded with questions and scaly animals, may be a means to an end. The former tantrum-throwing tennis pro says he's been cooking up an idea for a theme version of the show. "I want to do a special show," he tells the Toronto Sun, "with all the umpires I yelled at." What a racket.

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