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A pile of personalized notecards says the Pitts will stay together. Plus: Ahnuld won't beat his kids; Eggers movie on track; Dave Matthews Band immortalized ... in ice cream!

Published January 30, 2002 5:30PM (EST)

Those of you betting on Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt to provide us with the next big celebrity breakup might take note of Aniston's new stationery order: 250 notecards, personalized with the name Jennifer Pitt.

"I asked her what name she wanted and she was really firm that she wanted Jennifer Pitt," Los Angeles artist Claudia Laub told Britain's Heat magazine.

Though she's kept her maiden name professionally, Aniston was reported to have changed the name on her driver's license to Pitt not long after the couple's wedding, more than a year ago.

And Laub's professional opinion is that Pitt's name may well be permanently engraved on Aniston's heart.

How does she know? It's all in the cards.

"Most people start with 100 cards," Laub says. "I think the fact that she ordered 250 says she's not letting this one go."

Either that or she owes a lot of people notes.

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"I never thought the show would last."

-- Sherry Stringfield on "ER," to which she has returned after five years off, in Self.

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Juicy bits

You think Arnold Schwarzenegger's movies are violent? Listen to what his childhood was like. "I was often slapped around the face" by his father, the action hero tells the German edition of GQ, noting that, although today, "whoever slaps a child around its face ... is regarded as a child abuser ... in the past this was part of the upbringing." Nevertheless, he's pledged not to pass the slappage on to his own children. "I'm rigid with my kids, but not as rigid as my parents," he says. Trauma ... terminated.

Who they'll get to play the lead role is anyone's guess, but Variety is reporting that the big-screen adaptation of Dave Eggers' "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" is moving ahead. Eggers fans will recall that it's been more than a year since New Line forked over $2 million for the rights to the book. Now, Variety reports, "Orange County" producer Scott Rudin is involved and, with New Line, has compiled a list of screenwriters they'd like to have work on the adaptation. Staggering geniuses all, I'm sure.

Yummers! The latest scoop at Ben & Jerry's: The economically aware ice cream maker is teaming up with the Dave Matthews Band to launch a rockin' new flavah called One Sweet Whirled, which plays on the band's song "One Sweet World." (Coffee with caramel and marshmallow swirls.) Some of the proceeds from the partnership will be donated to, a coalition that seeks to stop global warming. Which threatens to melt a lot of ice cream.

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