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Meg Ryan gets restraining order for dumb fan; Pamela Anderson eyes simple life, stripping. Plus: Renfro heads up the river; "Austin Powers" hits a snag, baby!

By Amy Reiter
Published February 4, 2002 5:12PM (EST)

Why are the celebrity-obsessed always so dumb?

Take, for example, John Michael Hughes, a 30-year-old Florida man who has apparently set his cap -- rather aggressively -- for Meg Ryan.

Ryan has just been granted a restraining order against Hughes following an incident in early January in which he broke into a house in Malibu in an attempt to contact the actress, to whom he claims to be engaged. Alas, the house that Hughes entered by smashing through a window did not belong to Meg, but rather to another couple named Ryan to whom the actress was not related.


When police found him hiding in the house, Hughes insisted that he broke in through the window only because Ryan had neglected to leave a key under the doormat for him. Once inside, court papers allege, Hughes scavenged for food in the kitchen and was later found by the couple "dressed all in black with a fishing cap that had a chin strap of string," which is sort of a sweet detail when you think about it.

It's small wonder Hughes was feeling a bit peckish; when police searched his car they reportedly found an open bottle of whisky and two bottles of wine, not to mention an Us Weekly with Ryan on the cover, a night-vision scope ... and $2,700 in cash tucked in a pair of undies.

A dowry?

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The pull of Rollergirl

"I think you'd have to be crazy not to go out with Heather Graham if you have a chance and you're a guy from Long Island."

-- Christy Turlington on the irresistibility of fiancé Edward Burns' former girlfriend Heather Graham, in Elle.

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Guess what Pammy has in her bedroom?

What a tease!

Pamela Anderson days she's thinking she might hang up her (very tight) acting duds and start a new life as a stripper.

"Within a couple of years, I am just going to bow out. I have a stripper pole in my bedroom," she recently told Extra. "I was thinking that I would just take pole dancing lessons and go on the road with [beau] Kid Rock."

It's all about leaving the nuttiness of the past behind and starting fresh -- and spending more time with her young sons.

"I really want to stop everything and be with my kids," she said. "I have had a lot of craziness and it is just time to simplify."

Well, it's not as if the pole-dancing thing would be such a stretch ...

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Juicy bits

It was only a matter of time ... Brad Renfro's in the clink. A Florida judge has ordered the arrest of the oft-detained actor, claiming that his latest alleged dalliance with drinking and driving was one stroll across the line too many -- particularly for a fellow on probation, the Associated Press reports. "The fact that you're back here accused of a crime is grounds to detain you," the judge told the actor. The actor's past transgressions include an aborted attempt to steal a yacht (he famously forgot to untie it from the dock) and charges of possession of cocaine and marijuana. Hope he'll be free in time to play himself in the T.V. movie.

Looks like the "Austin Powers" producers are going to have to kiss that whole "Goldmember" concept goodbye once and for all. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Motion Picture Association of America has denied New Line Cinema's appeal for permission to use the title, which Bond backers Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and United Artists claim is just a tad too close to "Goldfinger." I'm sure the Powers people are both shaken and stirred by the setback.

This story has been corrected since it was originally published.

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