Fun on the Sly!

Stallone scores a KO for his bed work with Dickinson; Romijn-Stamos discovers farting. Plus: Julia's bra saves some Afghans; Laura Bush ends her silence on the pretzel!

By Amy Reiter
Published February 13, 2002 5:28PM (EST)

Guess they don't call Sylvester Stallone "Rocky" for nothin'.

In her upcoming autobiography, "Car Wreck Woman: The Accidental Life of the World's First Supermodel," excerpted on, model and serial celebrity-dater Janice Dickinson says that of all the men she's slept with -- John Kennedy Jr., John Cusack, Mick Jagger and Jack Nicholson included -- sassy Sly was able to go the most rounds in the sack.

"Stallone is the most incredible lover I've ever known," Dickinson gushes. "Until you've been thrown in bed and Rambo-ed all night, you cannot understand the meaning of great sex. I had bells going off in my head."

So considerate a lover was the heavy-lidded heavyweight, he offered to treat Dickinson to a new set of breast implants.

But the model refused the gesture.

"I already had my own," she said.

Translation: Just send a check, Sly.

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Let 'em rip!

"I think farts are pretty funny!"

-- Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, expressing a fondness for flatulence, in an E! Online chat.

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Limp Bizkits need love, too

I suppose you think it's all fun and games being the frontman of a famous rock band?

How wrong you are. Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst wants the world to know what a sad and solitary life he's been leading.

That happy swagger, he says, is all an act.

"I play up the pimp thing on purpose. Like, when I'm on MTV, these chicks are fanning and massaging me. It's not like I attracted 'em off the street. We fucking hired 'em," Durst admits on "I want everybody to be thinking I'm having the time of my life, but I'm single and miserable. I'm lonely. I'm experiencing the best things in my life, with no one there to share them. I'm a hopeless romantic."

Aww. Someone needs a hug ...

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Hair today, here tomorrow ...

"It's definitely not true."

-- A "Friends" spokesperson on a tabloid report that Jennifer Aniston's character, Rachel, will die during childbirth during the show's season finale.

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Juicy bits

How much would you pay for Julia Roberts' old push-up bra? One deep-pocketed bidder has just shelled out 7,000 euros ($6,133.89) for a figure-enhancing outfit worn by Roberts in the film "Erin Brockovich." The outfit was auctioned off at a black-tie fundraiser for Afghan children held in conjunction with the Berlin Film Festival, the BBC reports. The money raised at the event, which was attended by Catherine Deneuve, Robert Altman and Boris Becker, will be administered through Unicef. Perhaps they'll start a Cleavage for Kiddies fund?

Kilt with kindness ... Joan Collins' young husband-to-be, Percy Gibson, may hail from Peru, but that apparently won't stop him hewing to recent celebrity tradition and strolling down the aisle clad in a kilt. "I do not have a tailor for the wedding," Gibson, whose mother was Scottish, told the U.K. press, "because I will be wearing a kilt. I have my own tartan." And Collins has her own mirrored pumps.

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Snack food for tough guys

"It isn't really a sissy pretzel."

-- First Lady Laura Bush on the fearsome munchy that felled her husband, during an appearance on "The Tonight Show."

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