Oops, she's sorta modest!

Britney hates her nails, feet and sniffer; Sarah Jessica Parker slums it in the perfume aisle; Marley's sons stir it up with Florida police; and more!

By Amy Reiter
Published February 16, 2002 11:06PM (EST)

So much for Britney Spears' promise to keep her personal life out of the news. She does have a movie to promote, you know.

Turns out Spears' top isn't the only thing she insists she'd as soon keep under wraps if left to her own devices. She's got a whole roster of her own body parts she's not too fond of.

Such as?

"I don't like my fingernails, I don't like my feet, I don't like my nose ... and I don't like to go on!" she tells the London Mirror.

But there is one thing she doesn't mind.

"I DO like my lips," she says. "I like my lips because my boyfriend says he likes my lips."

The admiration, it seems, is mutual.

"We're just like magnets when we get together in a room," the pop princess says of beau Justin Timberlake. "He's a good kisser, too."

Sounds like they're right 'N Sync ...

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And they're excited about the kid, too

"We are thrilled to bring a bundle of love into our family."

-- Jenny McCarthy, announcing that she and husband John Asher expect their first baby in June.

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Sex and the shitty perfume?

Hope Matthew Broderick didn't take it upon himself to ply wife Sarah Jessica Parker with fancy bottles of expensive perfume for Valentine's Day.

The "Sex and the City" star's a bit of a cheap date when it comes to her taste in toilet water.

"One of my favorites is Bonne Bell Skin Musk -- it's around $10," Parker said when InStyle.com asked her to name her favorite scent. "I get it at Target, and I buy several bottles at a time."

Eau for Pete's sake! Throw in a few Bonne Bell Lip Smackers and you've got yourself a 13-year-old girl's cosmetic dream.

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No envelope, please

"The nomination bit is the exciting bit; it's horrible when someone has to go and win it all."

-- Judi Dench, speaking from experience about her fourth Oscar nomination in five years -- for "Iris."

The bald truth

And speaking of unusual predilections, Cate Blanchett has decided that bald is beautiful. Particularly when there's a breeze.

Blanchett, who shaved her head for the German film "Heaven," which was just shown at the Berlin Film Festival, says she's really into being hairless.

"My agent advised me to wear a cap, but I don't care," the actress recently told Germany's Stern magazine. "It feels great when the wind blows over your bald head."

I'm gonna have to take her word on that.

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Like father, like sons?

Two of Bob Marley's sons are in trouble with the Tallahassee heat after Florida police stopped them for speeding and got a big whiff of ganja.

"I walked up to the driver's door and smelled a strong odor of marijuana," Florida Highway Patrol Sgt. Hugh Cutchen told Reuters. "In searching the vehicle we found eight big joints of marijuana." Not to mention rolling papers and other drug paraphernalia.

Julian Marley, 26, and Stephen Marley, 29, both reggae musicians like their late father, were hauled in on possession charges and later released on bail.

Hope they didn't run into the sheriff at the station.

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