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Hartnett goes celibate for movie; boy band boys in space? Mariah slips back into her old ways; Britney TV cameo rumor quashed!

By Amy Reiter
Published February 21, 2002 5:12PM (EST)

Some actors will do just about anything to get into character.

Josh Hartnett even gave up sex. Not for very long, though.

"At the beginning of the shoot I spent some time taking my own vow [of chastity]," Hartnett says of his intense preparation for his role in "40 Days and 40 Nights," about a guy who gives up sex for Lent, in an ever-so-candid interview with

But he ... just ... couldn't ... hold out that long.

He lasted only "a couple of weeks," he admits. "I wasn't gonna go 40 days and 40 nights. It made me a little bit crazy, you know what I mean? It made me understand some of the feelings -- just the deprivation. You're depriving yourself of this one thing, and it becomes all you can think about."

I'm sure you all have no idea what he's talking about.

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Mamas don't let your babies grow up to win Grammys?

"Once you're nominated, I feel like you've won, and to try and pick out the best of these winners, to me, there's a little negativity in there. You've got five nominations and one winner, so you have one real happy person and four guys that's applauding politely. So just being nominated is enough for me."

-- Willie Nelson, explaining to the Associated Press why he may not bother to show up to the Grammys next week, even though he's been nominated in two categories.

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Space cowboy

"Bye Bye Bye," indeed.

It's looking like 'N Sync member Lance Bass is making like James "King of the World" Cameron and doing his darnedest to blast into the great beyond.

According to E! Online, Bass is deep in negotiations with MirCorp to rocket his way to the International Space Station this November. The journey and the months of training required to attempt it would all be recorded for televised posterity, of course. After all, if Bass does make the trip it would be historic not just because he'd be the first entertainer to do his thing in space, but also because he'd be the youngest.

One small step for a boy; one giant leap for boybandkind ...

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"Not true."

-- An HBO spokesperson on reports that Britney Spears will appear as Samantha's oversexed niece in an upcoming episode of "Sex and the City."

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Some divas never learn

File this one under "Hope springs eternal": Mariah Carey's picking herself up, dusting off the "Glitter" and heading back in front of the cameras.

This time she's set to star in an indie film called "Sweet Science," in which she'll play a boxing manager who takes a young, female pugilistic protigie under her buff wing. The film will be produced by Anthony Esposito, who worked with Carey and Mira Sorvino in "Wisegirls."

"I had such a great experience with Mariah Carey on 'Wisegirls' that I wanted to make another film with her," producer Esposito told the Hollywood Reporter.

Funny, that's not what Mira said ...

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