The joy of ex-sex

Tara Reid on when to hold 'em; boobs come out on Rosie's show; Liza and David want $495 soap dishes! Plus: Macaulay Culkin will return to big screen as a murderer.

By Amy Reiter
Published February 25, 2002 5:25PM (EST)

Great news for those of you who've been fretting about what to get Liza Minnelli and David Gest for their upcoming nuptials: Their registry is available online.

And competition from deep-pocketed wedding guests like Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan and Paula Abdul apparently won't keep you from your chance to splurge on a little special something for the blushing bride and groom.

Why not pop for a $4,000 Elsa Peretti soup tureen from Tiffany's? Liza and David have registered for four of them and thus far have received nary a one.

Or you could get all 12 matching Elsa Peretti platters -- for $2,900 apiece -- on the list. They, too, are still available for the giving, as are some 40 "thumbprint" bowls of various sizes (ranging from $325 to $1,250 a pop), 12 matching service plates (only $900 apiece), and four -- count 'em, four -- pitchers (each only $2,700).

And neither Tony Bennett nor Dionne Warwick has apparently yet seen fit to send the happy couple even one of the eight $250 cake servers they've requested. Or the 16 salt-and-pepper shakers at $235 apiece. Or the 20 -- yes, 20! -- $495 soap dishes they think might be just the thing.

At prices like that, you'd think they'd at least come with soap.

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Tell it to Liza, Julio

"I tell him to slow down in life. He's just bought himself a plane like mine. It took me 25 years to get one and he's got himself one in two years."

-- Latin singer Julio Iglesias on his heartthrob son Enrique's jet-settin' ways, in Britain's Hello magazine.

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Tara talks ex-sex

Tara Reid and Carson Daly may not have gotten quite close enough to the altar to actually register, but they did come dangerously close to tying that knot before announcing their sudden split last year.

"Scary," Reid says of her flirtation with wife status in Maxim. "But it didn't happen. We weren't strong enough to make it through. He wasn't the one. It's like that Kenny Rogers song -- "You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, and know when to walk away.' Well, I know when to walk away."

But just because she's folded 'em and walked far enough to rejoice in "not having to deal with the shit ... [and] being able to have flings," that doesn't mean that she's above picking up the old deck again from to time, just for old times' sake.

"Ex-sex is always good. You know what they like, they know what you like," the actress informs the magazine. "It's perfect as long as you know you're not going to fall back in love. There's something comfortable and illicit about it, and that's a hard combination to find. There's no sex better -- besides being in love -- than ex-sex."

We'll just have to take her word on that.

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Pity the polar

"Polar bears are intelligent animals who are specially adapted to freezing weather conditions. To imagine their current plight with a tropical circus, layer on your heaviest winter clothing and spend all day outside on a hot, steamy day."

-- Ewan McGregor doing his darnedest to rescue seven arctic polar bears he feels are being mistreated by their keepers at a circus in Puerto Rico, in an open letter to the U.S. government pleading for their release.

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Juicy bits

"The Rosie O'Donnell Show," rated R? Last week, Rosie watchers got a little more than they bargained for when a woman in the studio audience stood up and flashed the cameras as they were panning the audience prior to a commercial break. But O'Donnell wasn't one to crumple under the pressure of a couple of naked breasts. "We've been on six years and it's never happened, but apparently a crazy woman in the audience flashed her boobs during the last audience shot," O'Donnell calmly explained after the commercial break. Just in case you hadn't figured that out for yourself.

Look who's no longer home alone: Macaulay Culkin. The former child actor is headed back to the big screen for the first time in a decade. According to Variety, he's signed on to star as Michael Alig, an early-'90s New York party promoter who murdered his drug dealer by injecting Drano into his veins, dumped the body into the East River and then bragged about it on TV. Someone really wants to get rid of that whole cute kid thing once and for all ...

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