Jerry Hall says Mick's sick!

Jagger's got a bad case of youngwomanitis; Cher says she's the real thing -- mostly. Plus: Tiffany on why she doffed her duds for Playboy.

Published March 6, 2002 5:24PM (EST)

A blow to the bottom line of plastic surgeons everywhere: Cher says she's had way less work done than people think.

Sure, her nose has been trimmed back a bit and her teeth have been cosmetically enhanced. But all those rumors that she's done extensive remodeling to her face and body are simply not true, she insists.

"I swear on my children's lives I've never had ribs taken out, cheek implants or anything like that," she recently declared in an interview on "Prime Time." "One day I'll be a hysterical old woman -- with wrinkles, too."

So there really is no hope for the rest of us.

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What a drag it is ...

But there may be hope for Mick Jagger. At least, Jerry Hall thinks so.

Hall tells the U.K. Sun that, with a little professional help, her wayward ex could finally act his age and stop parading around with a string of younger women.

"Mick's womanizing is a sickness," Hall tells the British tabloid. "I have suggested he has therapy, but I don't think he wants to admit he has a problem, particularly when lots of guys tell him how lucky he is."

Hi, my name is Mick, and I'm a young-woman-aholic?

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Musical comeback or bust?

"At first I was a little hesitant. But prior to Playboy, I was reassessing my whole situation with some frustration since the release of my record."

-- Former teenybopper Tiffany, on how she was driven to doff her duds for Playboy in an attempt to get people to pay attention to her music again, in USA Today.

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Live and let spy

There's also hope for Pierce Brosnan, who's back on the set of the latest Bond film after undergoing knee surgery on a ligament he tore during a stunt two weeks ago.

But things are not quite as they once were for the 48-year-old actor. The insurance company underwriting the film is reportedly insisting that he be tailed during filming by a doctor who will keep him from exerting himself too much.

"Pierce likes to perform a lot of his own stunts," a source tells, "but his insurers believe he'll look after himself better if a doctor watches his every move."

A real spy's spy ...

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Juicy bits

Has Rick Rockwell learned to take the high road? The infamous "Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire" groom says Fox asked him to slip on the gloves and step into the ring with Amy Fisher's ex-boyfriend Joey Buttafuoco on the upcoming quality TV special "Celebrity Boxing," but he turned them down cold. "I can't think of any better way to restore my credibility than to ... box Joey Buttafuoco," Rockwell told the New York Post. They shoulda asked him to box Darva Conger.

Note to Russell Crowe: Your Bafta bluster won't fly at the Oscars. Academy Awards director Louis J. Horvitz says that, if Crowe nabs the best actor honors this year, he'll be given ample warning if he drones on for too long on the podium. And if the angry actor has a problem with the time constraints, Horvitz tells Variety, he doesn't intend to stick around long enough for Crowe to berate him after the show. "I will already be in my car driving home safely" before Crowe makes his own post-show getaway, Horovitz said. Smart guy.

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