Roasted cockchafer grubs in paper

A recipe from Calvin Schwabe's "Unmentionable Cuisine."

By Salon Staff

Published March 6, 2002 8:00PM (EST)

Animals: Love them or hate them, we also eat them. And nothing better illustrates just how many of them we eat (and how thoroughly) than Calvin Schwabe's giant compendium of recipes from every corner of the world, excerpts of which are appearing in Salon this week, Monday through Friday -- one recipe each day on the Life and People sites -- by kind permission of the University Press of Virginia. This one comes from France, where it's known as "Larves de hanneton en papilote."

"Cockchafers are scarabaeid beetles. The European species 'Melolontha melolontha' is a forest pest. A banquet featuring them was once held at the Café Custoza in Paris.

Salt and pepper the grubs and roll in a mixture of flour and fine bread crumbs. Wrap in parchment baking envelopes well-buttered on the inside or in aluminum foil. Bake in the hot ashes of a wood fire."





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