Britney and Justin splittin' the sheets?

Are Spears and Timberlake on, off or what? Madonna's stalker to retire? Plus: Cameron Diaz on consuming bacon -- "It's like eating my niece."

Published March 12, 2002 5:23PM (EST)

Not a girl, not yet an ex-girlfriend?

Britney Spears is denying rampant rumors that her relationship with Justin Timberlake has hit the skids.

"No, that's not true," the pop princess told MTV Italy, when asked about reports that she and Timberlake decided to go their separate ways about a week ago. "Me and Justin did not split up."

But scant hours later, Spears' label, Jive Records, ramped down initial denials to a terse "no comment" about the alleged split in a statement to the press.

And the U.K. Sun reports that Spears has stopped wearing the "friendship ring" Timberlake gave her -- and quotes friends of the 'N Sync-er saying that he feels the relationship is 'N deep trouble.

The "constant gossip about their love life proved too much" for Timberlake, one buddy blabbed to the tabloid. "They rarely see each other these days and he is a bit tired of all the inquiries into his and Britney's sex life.

"It must be very frustrating for him," the chatty pal continued. "What goes on in their bedroom is the most talked-about aspect of their relationship."

Of course, it might be more than the gossip that's frustrating him ...

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Sex, lies ...?

"I feel sexier, more in control and more vivacious than I ever have."

-- Andie MacDowell on how much she enjoyed doing the sex scenes with a younger man in her upcoming movie "Crush," in the New York Daily News.

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Speaking of girls named Spears

Don't look now, but it appears that Britney Spears' little sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, may be fixing to follow in her elder sis' show-business footsteps.

"Jamie Lynn and I flew to Los Angeles to visit Britney, and to meet with a network," the Spears sisters' mother, Lynn Spears, wrote in a dispatch on "The network called last week about Jamie Lynn doing some work in television. Jamie Lynn is ecstatic. Britney and I are too, but we want a situation where she can still be a kid and have fun.

"Jamie Lynn also has to keep her grades up if she plans to start the entertainment business," Lynn says.

And she might wanna start getting serious about the sit-ups too, if she intends to don her sister's cast-off crop-tops.

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Poor little oinkers

"I thought, 'Oh my God, it's like eating my niece.'"

-- Cameron Diaz on why she stopped snacking on bacon after she was told that pigs have the same mental capacity as a 3-year-old, in Esquire.

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Juicy bits

Sure, John Michael Hughes sounded crazy when he broke into a Malibu home back in January thinking it was Meg Ryan's, helped himself to a meal of ham and beans (don't listen, Cameron!) and insisted that he was the actress's new husband. But according to a California judge, Hughes is sane enough to stand trial for breaking and entering.

Which makes Madonna's stalker seem downright lucky. Jacob Johnson, a British fellow who's been showering the perpetual pop star with flowers, jewelry, chocolate, love notes and special serenades at her home for the last 10 years, has been ordered by police to stay away from her -- or risk being arrested and prosecuted. Johnson, 32, who also occasionally camped out outside Madonna's home, was indignant. "I've sent her love letters and poems but I don't really see that any of them were offensive or alarming," he told the press. Then again, he added, "I think I will stay away now. I don't want her sending the police around to where I live." Gosh, no. That would be an invasion of privacy.

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