Angelina and Billy Bob become parents!

Jolie and Thornton adopt baby boy; John Waters says Hollywood will go hardcore. Plus: Moby -- "Who else simulates sex with a robot?"

By Amy Reiter

Published March 13, 2002 5:05PM (EST)

Expect a flurry of cloying "I love him so much and can't survive without him" sound bites from Angelina Jolie any minute now. And not about Billy Bob Thornton, either.

According to Jolie's father, Jon Voight, Jolie and Thornton are now the proud parents of a bouncing baby boy, whom they've adopted from Cambodia.

"Angelina just got a baby yesterday," Voight told reporters at the annual luncheon for Oscar nominees on Monday. "Angelina adopted a Cambodian baby. I'm a grandfather today."

Voight says Jolie is currently doing the single mom thing in Africa, where she took custody of the tyke and is currently filming a movie. Thornton, who has children from three previous marriages, is still stateside.

But while the chatty gramps says he has yet to be told the child's name, he's all in for lending a hand where it's needed.

"I'd be happy to go to Africa and baby-sit, change diapers," he says.

Someone's clearly feelin' like hot shit.

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Promises, promises ...

"Never, ever, ever, never wear them again. I'll break them on the last show."

-- Sally Jessy Raphael on what she plans to do with her trademark big, red specs now that her long-running talk show's been canceled, in the New York Post.

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Pecker up for porn

Will Hollywood go hardcore before you can say XXX?

John Waters apparently thinks so. In honor of his upcoming gig as host of the Independent Spirit Awards on March 23, the maverick director offers this bold prediction in an interview on the Independent Film Channel's Web site: Hollywood will show a major celebrity participating in hardcore sex before the year 2010.

"I promise you ... by the end of this decade, a Hollywood star will show penetration," he says.

Place your bets now on just who that "Hollywood star" might be ...

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Actually, maybe Waters won't have to wait that long -- and maybe it won't be a "Hollywood" star after all. Maybe it'll be ... Moby.

In the diary he keeps on his official Web site, the boundary-pushing musician confesses that he was recently photographed having sex with a robot.

Well ... sorta.

"My job is weird," he says. "Who else simulates sex with a robot in a seedy hotel room at 2 in the morning while getting photographed?

"Oh, porn stars. But this was simulated. Really," he insists.

After all, he muses, "Actual penetrative intercourse with a robot would be painful, I imagine."

Thanks for the image, Mobe.

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