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Minnelli and Gest want kids "of all races"; J.Lo's smell will soon be our smell; Seinfeld dispenses with modesty; Eminem and Geri Halliwell hit the lanes together!

Published March 19, 2002 5:50PM (EST)

Liza Minnelli and David Gest's unconventional and overpopulated wedding on Saturday was, it seems, a mere preview of what their life together has in store.

"We are adopting four children ... of all races, a black child, a white child ... it doesn't matter at all," Gest reportedly told OK! magazine, which paid big bucks for exclusive photo rights to the lavish nuptials, attended by 1,500 of the couple's very best friends, from Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson and Diana Ross to Phyllis Diller, David Hasselhoff and Robert Goulet.

Gest, 48 and a ... um ... bachelor until he headed to the altar at New York's Marble Collegiate Church this weekend, believes the new little missus, 56 and now on her fourth marriage, really deserves to have kids.

"Liza is going to be the best mother in the world," Gest gushed. "She has the greatest heart of anyone I've ever met."

And he's apparently met a lot of people.

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Like Bowie ... only less British and more buff

"I made one British movie musical in 1986, 'Absolute Beginners.' However, in the transatlantic version, although they did not touch my singing voice, they dubbed my speaking voice. In the American version my speaking voice is changed with an American accent, and it is much lower and, I suppose, more forceful."

-- David Bowie on how he was made to sound like a young American in his last attempt at a movie musical, to celebrity researcher Baird Jones at the opening of the Julian Schnabel show last week at Larry Gagosian gallery in New York.

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Will they call it J.L'eau?

Sniff-sniff, what's that smell? Why, it's Jennifer Lopez.

You might not think the singer-actress best known for the size of her butt would be the best basis for a new fragrance, but European cosmetics maker Lancaster obviously sees (smells?) things differently. The company has just signed Lopez to front a new scent "designed to reflect the inspirational, confident and desirable qualities of Jennifer Lopez herself."

We can't think of what those desirable qualities would be at the moment, but we're sure they'll come to us any second now.

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So much for humility

"It's one of the most original attempts on network television since I went off the air."

-- Jerry Seinfeld on "The Colin Quinn Show" in the New York Post.

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Em's new No. 1 fan?

A new one for the odd-couple files: Geri Halliwell and Eminem?

The U.K. Sun reports that the ex-Spice Girl and the spicy rapper have struck up a deep and meaningful friendship of late, meeting up regularly for bowling dates and intimate lunches and dinners.

"You wouldn't expect them to have much in common," one source told the tabloid, "but their relationship seems to work."

Of course, it may all be perfectly innocent fun. "Geri is having a great time," says the source. "Who knows whether it will lead to romance?"

Not me.

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