Handsome, smart, sensitive? I'll smack you right in the head!

What's with these guys who write in about how wonderful they are? A "vaguely intelligent and mildly talented middle-aged married guy" wants to know: Is it just me, or are they even worse losers than the rest of us losers?

By Cary Tennis

Published March 26, 2002 8:09AM (EST)

Steeped in the rough-and-tumble spoken-word movement, boiled in punk rock, roasted in alcohol, pressure-cooked in American literature and turned like a newel post on the lathe of American journalism, Cary Tennis considers life's most pressing questions in audio form every week on Salon.

This week, the question before us is: What's with these prima donna guys who write in, anyway? Have they got any problems a swift kick in the teeth wouldn't cure?

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Cary Tennis

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