Celine's lesson in love

Dion stands by hubby through rape charges; Turlington and Burns splitsville; Alicia Keys on her TV muse. Plus: Penelope Cruz dissed by Ralph Lauren?

By Amy Reiter

Published March 28, 2002 5:17PM (EST)

Celine Dion's husband/manager, Rene Angelil, may be fighting off charges that he raped a woman in a Las Vegas hotel room two years ago, but Dion's heart -- and musical comeback -- will nevertheless go on.

Though the singer and her husband have been prohibited by a judge from directly addressing the allegations made in a lawsuit filed on March 19 by Yun Kyeong Sung Kwon, a female minister of the Full Gospel World Church, and her husband, Dion has indicated that she's buying Angelil's protestations of innocence. (He did not, he maintains, follow, fondle, entrap and rape Kwon in March 2000 at the Imperial Palace Hotel, as she alleges.)

"You're asking me if I support him?" Dion asked a Canadian Press reporter. "Look into my eyes and tell me if you think I'm behind him."

And perhaps to prove it, the singer has told TV Guide that she and her husband are planning to hatch another young 'un, thanks to the New York fertility clinic that helped them bring their 14-month-old baby, Rene-Charles, into being.

"We have a little baby waiting for us. A frozen embryo," Dion said. "For sure we're going to go for it."

Could this mean another break from her cloying music? It's certainly possible, if little Rene-Charles has anything to do with it.

Dion says the baby can't stand to hear her sing -- and cries and cries and cries whenever she breaks into one of her trademark tunes.

Just like the rest of us.

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Political magic

"I'm going to run because the city needs a new voice, a new vision, and I think that I could do the job. That's why I would run."

-- NBA great Earvin "Magic" Johnson on why he thinks he may take a shot at running for mayor of Los Angeles, in the L.A. Times.

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Wanna buy Turlington's white dress ... cheap?

It may be time for Christy Turlington and Heather Graham to get together for an ex-girlfriend powwow.

The New York Post reports that yogariffic supermodel Turlington and filmmaker/actor Ed Burns have made a detour on their planned journey to the altar and instead headed straight to splitsville.

They're pointing the finger of blame only at the intangible vicissitudes of fate and love.

"They respect and care deeply about one another," a friend of the couple told the Post, "but they decided they weren't each other's perfect life partners."

Om, OK.

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Hair today, song tomorrow

Inspiration comes in the strangest places.

Alicia Keys says she got the idea for her song "A Woman's Worth" from a L'Oreal ad.

"I was actually really relaxed, and I was watching TV. One commercial came on and it said 'because I'm worth it,'" she said on Britain's Radio 1."I was like 'Oh my gosh, I'm worth it, I'm worth it.' And the thought of being worth it just really made an impact on me."

I think they were just hoping it'd make her change her hair color.

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Juicy bit

Penelope Cruz, left in the dust? The British tabloids report that, though Tom Cruise's lady love will continue to appear in Ralph Lauren fragrance ads, the company is dropping the actress from advertisements for its fashion line. Maybe they should get that woman from the L'Oreal ads. I hear she's worth it.

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