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Jolie and Thornton to visit Cambodia for Baby No. 2; Minnelli insists on hubby's sex skills; search begins for Milton's massive missing member! Plus: Lucas sued by porn producer.

By Amy Reiter
Published April 1, 2002 10:54PM (EST)

Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton have never been known for their sense of restraint.

So it may not surprise you to learn that, though they're still working out the legal details of importing and adopting their new baby son, Maddox, from Cambodia, they're already planning to head back for another little bundle of joy. Only this time they're targeting a female bundle.

"We'll get this sorted out," Thornton assures the World Entertainment News Network. "We're going back to get little Maddox a baby sister. Angelina and I have already seen the baby girl the last time we were in Cambodia, and she's adorable. She's an orphan, too."

Some people will do anything to get bulk-rate discounts on diapers.

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More than you ever wanted to know

"I know many of my husband's ex-girlfriends who will agree that if every man was as good in bed as David, there would be a lot of happy women in the world."

-- Liza Minnelli testifying to the sexual prowess of her new husband, David Gest, in response to rampant rumors that he's more interested in lads than ladies, in the New York Post.

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Berle's family jewels

Poor Milton Berle. It's been less than a week since he died, but already Bradley Lewis, the co-writer of the comedian's son Bill's1999 tell-all biography, "My Father, Uncle Miltie," has seen fit to publicly inquire about the whereabouts of one of the comedian's racier possessions: a plaster mold of his schlong.

According to Lewis, Berle was given the foot-long sculpture of his reportedly sizable genitalia by the impressed members of his staff, who were said to have stumbled on the comedian in flagrante delicto back in the 1950s. For some time, Lewis tells Wireless Flash News, Berle kept it in his attic, but the artifact's whereabouts are currently unknown.

A smaller man would be rolling over in his grave.

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The psychic angst of Hugh Grant

"It's been slightly weird, actually, being single at the age of 40. You know, what do I wear? Am I the oldest swinger in town? What age group am I aiming at now?"

-- Hugh Grant on life without Liz Hurley and the questions that haunt him, in the London Daily Telegraph.

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Juicy bits

How deep is Barry Gibb's love for his and his brothers' childhood home in Manchester, England? Deep enough for him to be buying it. "It's very basic without a trace of showbiz and I just love it," Gibb said of the red-brick semi-detached in an interview with the Manchester Evening News. "Our house was very special and I have so many fond memories of harmonizing in my bedroom with my brothers Robin and Maurice." Gibb, who also owns large homes in Miami Beach in Buckinghamshire, says he intends to put a plaque on the wall commemorating his connection with the house. Or he could just install a big disco ball ...

George Lucas: enemy of animated porn? The producer of "Starballz," an animated pornographic flick that parodies outer-space action flicks, has filed a $140 million libel suit against the "Star Wars" creator, after Lucas accused the producer of peddling the racy film to kids. In court papers, the producer contends that his company "has never directed pornography to children; the cover of 'Starballz' states 'Adult Only' in three places." "Adult" being a relative term.

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