A lesson in grace, redux

Stephen Bing maintains baby snub; Sarah Jessica Parker finally pregnant. Plus: Yogurt-hurling R.E.M. guitarist gets off; Bill Maher disses his girlfriends' sex know-how.

By Amy Reiter
April 8, 2002 11:45PM (UTC)
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Remember Stephen Bing's pledge that "Indeed, if I am the father [of Elizabeth Hurley's child], I will be an extremely involved and responsible parent"?

Well, though DNA tests have yet to determine whether he's the father, as Hurley has claimed, Bing is not exactly beating a path to the actress/model's London hospital room, where she is reportedly still recovering from an emergency C-section.


Stumbling on the British press stationed outside his L.A. home, Bing told the U.K. Sun that he was "not bothered" about whether or not the baby would carry his name.

"I really have no comment to make on the baby," Bing said. "I have nothing to say."

So much for all the Bing talk.


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The baby news, it never ends

Remember a couple months back when Sarah Jessica Parker was complaining that she and Matthew Broderick couldn't start a family onaccounta they couldn't seem to find much baby-making time?

Well, they apparently found it.


The "Sex and the City" star has told veteran gossip columnist Liz Smith that she and Broderick, to whom she's been married since May 1997, are expecting their first baby in the fall. (Call them, "The Reproducers.)

Shortly after Parker went public with the news, HBO announced its decision to suspend production of "Sex and the City" until its writers come up with a way to work around the actress's pregnancy.


I suppose they could start by having her cut down on the Cosmos.

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Juicy bits

If Peter Buck did behave like a "drunken lout" on a British Airlines flight last year, overturning a breakfast cart, mistaking a food cart for a CD player and a stranger for his wife, splurting yogurt all over members of the flight, and trying to open an exit door midflight, a British court has decided it wasn't because he was drunk. The R.E.M. guitarist has been cleared of all charges, possibly based on his own testimony that he was suffering a strange reaction to a mixture of sleeping pills and wine. Gulp.


Talk about politically incorrect. "I tend to date girls half my age, and I don't expect them to know what they're doing in the sack," Bill Maher, 45, boasts in the May issue of Men's Health magazine. "Actually, I'm grateful enough that girls half my age still want to get in bed with me that when they do, I don't make any demands. And I surely don't expect them to know what they're doing -- and by the way ... they don't." Let's hope they don't know how to read, either.

Tobey Maguire may be able to go wherever a spider can, but he's not getting into Kirsten Dunst's pants. Despite what you may have heard, Dunst says that she and her "Spider-Man" co-star are just good friends. Which is not to say that Maguire doesn't admire her -- a lot. "She's very appealing and beautiful," the Spidey star tells the May issue of Vanity Fair. "She has a womanly quality, but also a very fun girl quality, an innocence." But that rumor that they're involved musta just been one of them web rumors.

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