Sean, U-turned her on

J.Lo reminisces about Penn's old smooch; nude Madonna painter prepares for knuckle sandwich; Elton takes pity on poor mama Hurley. Plus: Lance Bass says Britney and Justin aren't through!

By Amy Reiter
Published April 11, 2002 4:23PM (EDT)

Not generally known for her discretion, Jennifer Lopez has apparently taken to kissing and telling on her male costars.

When it comes to locking lips on-screen, Lopez tells Cosmopolitan magazine, she's "never come across a bad kisser."

Which is not to say that all actors are created equal in the smooching department.

"All actors have their thing," the actress/singer allows, "but I would have to say Sean Penn, who I kissed in [the film] 'U-Turn,' was the best. I just remembered thinking that at the time."

Guess he must have learned something during his time with Madonna.

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Speaking of Madonna's manly men

"I think he'll probably come and hit me. But if he's a man of wisdom and integrity he'll be quite pleased with them, I imagine."

-- Artist Peter Howson predicting Guy Ritchie's reaction to his unauthorized nude paintings of Ritchie's wife, Madonna, to the BBC.

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A friend in need

To whom can an actress/model/single mom turn when she needs some time away from the prying eyes of the press? Why, to Uncle Eltie, of course.

Elton John has apparently offered Elizabeth Hurley what neither her former longtime beau Hugh Grant nor her alleged baby daddy, Stephen Bing, will: peace and quiet and the attention of a dedicated staff.

According to British tabloid reports, Hurley has left the hospital with her new baby boy and sought solace in her musical buddy's sprawling manse.

"Elton and Liz are very good friends, and they spoke a number of times after the birth," a source close to the singer told "Liz will be more than looked after by Elton's staff. She will be pampered and be able to rest in peace."

Rest in peace? How long does Elton expect her to stay?

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Juicy bits

I imagine there's someone out there still holding out hope that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake remain an item. And that person will be pleased to learn that Timberlake's 'N Sync bandmate Lance Bass has said their relationship is not yet one for the history books. "They're still bickering," Bass has told Fox News, "and they're not completely broken up." And possibly even still 'N love ...

The case has finally been closed on that unfortunate June 2000 episode in which Eminem is alleged to have pistol-whipped a man he found kissing his wife. According to Michigan's Macomb Daily newspaper, the man, John Guerra, has accepted a settlement of $100,000 (minus lawyers' fees) to settle the case. One of Guerra's lawyers said the amount was "less than we wanted, but more than they had been hoping to pay." I guess that's why they call it a settlement.

Who's laughing now? Not Ed McMahon. Johnny Carson's former "Tonight Show" sidekick has filed a $20 million lawsuit against his insurance company, claiming it was negligent in dealing with a toxic mold that took over his 8,000-square-foot Beverly Hills home after a plumbing pipe burst last July. According to McMahon, the mold not only made him and his wife ill, but also killed his pooch. Ruff stuff.

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