Beautiful mind or noodly mush?

Russell will fork over brain to science; Costner cranky about critics; Halle's breasts now off-limits; Timberlake vows not to degrade Britney!

By Amy Reiter
Published April 15, 2002 10:25PM (EDT)

Famous for losing his cool from time to time, Russell Crowe has now made arrangements to lose his mind.

According to the U.K. Sun, the "Beautiful Mind" star has agreed to donate his brain to Australia's Sydney University after his death. Researchers at the university hope that close examination of Crowe's gray matter -- and that of hundreds of other "particularly gifted and talented" men and women -- will help shed light on the inner workings of the human brain.

In looking at each cerebellum, Clive Harper, the pathology professor who is heading up the research project, tells the tabloid, "We can build a dossier of material that will tell us what experiences have shaped the particular brain in relation to the life they lived."

Wonder what scars that Oscar loss left.

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"We apologize to the lovely city and people of Rio. And if that doesn't settle the issue, Homer Simpson offers to take on the president of Brazil on 'Celebrity Boxing.'"

-- "The Simpsons" executive producer James L. Brooks addressing the concerns of tourist officials in Rio de Janeiro over how that city was depicted in an episode of the animated TV show, on E! Online.

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If you all clap really hard ...

If those Sydney University researchers looked in Kevin Costner's brain, they'd apparently find a fear of aging under a crust of bitterness.

"A lot of people decided it was time to knock me off my pedestal about the time of 'Waterworld,'" Costner recently told "They came after me with a vengeance."

But Costner insists that it's not talent he lacks, but maturity.

"I think if I've been guilty of anything, it's not wanting to grow up," he says. "It's what we call the Peter Pan syndrome."

Which is not to say the actor/director is taking complete responsibility for his artistic failures.

"It's sad really. People want you to be as disillusioned as they are. To lose that innocence," he says. "I guess I still have a problem with that and them."

Fine. But "Waterworld" was awful.

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Berry modest

"I've been there and I'm not looking to do that again!"

-- Halle Berry, on why she's declined to go topless in her love scenes with Pierce Brosnan in the James Bond flick "Die Another Day," in Variety.

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Justin time to kill all hope

So, OK, Justin Timberlake has confirmed that he and Britney Spears have definitely split up. But that doesn't mean the boy band star's heart isn't 'N the right place.

"I love Britney with all my heart and I will never do anything to disrespect her or degrade her," Timberlake said during an interview with Rosie O'Donnell last week. "She will always be special to me no matter what happens. She's great."

Very sweet. Can we move on now?

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