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Bratt married to post-Julia girlfriend; Beyonc

By Amy Reiter
Published April 17, 2002 4:42PM (EDT)

Take that, Julia Roberts.

It's been less than a year since Benjamin Bratt and Julia Roberts cranked a U-ey and rolled into Splitsville. And for those of you feeling sorry for Bratt -- say what you will about him, he lost his Pretty Woman -- it's time to buck up: The Pretty Man is so over his toothy ex.

In fact, he's just gotten hitched.

According to the Associated Press, Bratt and his new wife, Talisa Soto, who starred opposite him in the film "Pinero," were married on Saturday in San Francisco.

Bratt's publicist described the wedding as "an intimate family gathering, a day that perfectly celebrated their love and happiness."

Guess Soto's no runaway bride.

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Ruler of all underthings

"I could play 5,000 drug addicts and I'd still be known as Mrs. Corset Queen."

-- Helena Bonham Carter on her squinched-in image, to the Australian newspaper The Age.

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Be BeyoncÉ's baby?

Beyoncé Knowles: Miss Bootylicious Lonelyhearts?

The Destiny's Child frontwoman says that, yeah, she'd like a guy, but she wishes all her famous friends would stop trying to fix her up with would-be suitors. She'd rather let her destiny play itself out on its own, thanks.

That means you, Mrs. Mike Myers.

"The more successful I get, the more I want a boyfriend," Knowles, who plays Foxy Cleopatra in "Austin Powers in Goldmember," tells W magazine.

"Mike Myers' wife is trying to hook me up. Everybody is trying to hook me up. It makes you feel real desperate. It's like, 'No, it's OK, it's OK!'"

She wouldn't even go out on a blind date for one meellion dollars.

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Truer words were never spoke

"There's not a lot of depth in being rich and famous."

-- Cameron Diaz reflecting on the shallow puddles of celebrity, in Heat magazine.

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Juicy bits

She's done music, movies and books. Now Madonna is getting into the TV biz. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the perpetual pop star's production company, Maverick, and NBC are set to bring us "Truth or Dare," a half-hour "slightly edgy adult game show" involving lie-detector tests. Maybe they can tell if I'm lying when I say I'm really looking forward to watching it.

Wondering what's up with the paternity skerfuffle over Liz Hurley's baby boy, Damian? At this point, we know nothin', as Hurley has yet to have the little feller DNA tested to determine if Steve Bing is, in fact, his father. "She's in no hurry," Hurley's sister Kate tells the London Daily Mail. But that doesn't mean Bing's likely to be let completely off the P.R. hook. "Damian looks like both his parents. He's a mixture of both," Kate says. "You can see something of each in him." Not as definitive as the DNA test, but I suppose it's something.

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This story has been corrected.

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