The Harding they come, the Harding they fall

Tonya cited for drunken driving accident; Lisa Bonet grumps out of "Cosby" reunion; Rod Stewart: "I'm like a rabbit." Plus: Next chapter of Hurley-Bing; and Sharon Stone recovering.

By Amy Reiter
Published April 23, 2002 4:53PM (EDT)

It's been more than a month since toughie Tonya Harding trounced pipsqueak Paula Jones before a gaping nation on "Celebrity Boxing," but Harding's apparently still celebrating.

Perhaps a bit too hard.

The former knee-whacking ice skater was cited for drunken driving by police in Battle Ground, Wash., in the wee hours of Saturday morning after she crashed her pickup truck into a ditch and failed both a sobriety and a breath test, the Associated Press reports.

Lucky for Harding, neither she nor her passenger were hurt in the accident.

But really, Tonya, you're skating on thin ice.

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Huffy Huxtable

"I was not feeling the love. It was a take-it-or-leave-it, with-or-without-you offer, and I felt devalued and disrespected."

-- Lisa Bonet on why she's decided to ditch NBC's "Cosby Show Reunion" next month, to People magazine.

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Rod's rod, still solid after all these years

Don't order any Viagra for Rod Stewart. Time has apparently done nothing to diminish the aging's rocker's unusually powerful sex drive.

Even at 57, Stewart says he's not apt to let a day go by without a little nookie.

"I'm like a rabbit. I could do it anytime, anyplace," Stewart shares in the German newspaper Bild. "You could introduce me to the most beautiful, most intelligent woman in the world, and if she isn't good in bed, I'd rather be with someone else."

Which is not to say Stewart has similar confidence in his other instrument of seduction, his voice.

"I never know quite exactly if it might fail me," he says. "I'm always making sure I eat the right things, get enough sleep, don't drink too much, don't go into smoky rooms, and don't shout too much."

So I guess he's not a screamer.

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Who here believes him?

"I'm very, very humbled."

-- Sylvester Stallone on being named Action Star of the Millennium by the American Video Software Dealers Association, in an interview with Video Premieres magazine.

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Juicy bits

Bing-pong: Liz Hurley issued a statement striking back at her alleged baby daddy Stephen Bing, who last week announced that he was initiating legal proceedings to determine if he is, in fact, the father of her baby son, Damian, as she claims. "Elizabeth finds Stephen's statement astonishing seeing that he hasn't made any attempt to contact her whatsoever since he was informed of Damian's birth by her sister Katie on April 4," Hurley's handlers told the press. "He has neither called her, written to her, or had any mutual friends pass on any messages. Elizabeth has always made it clear that she is willing to participate in paternity tests and is extremely distressed that Stephen is attempting to resolve these personal issues publicly." Unlike her.

Whatever else you might want to say about Sharon Stone's brain, it's apparently in much better shape now than it was a few months ago, when she was treated for internal bleeding caused by a tear in the artery at the base of her skull. Doctors have attributed the tear to a horseback-riding injury exacerbated by chiropractic adjustments and the heavy costume she had to wear in the 1998 movie "Sphere." "I certainly had a white-light experience. Had a real close walk there," Stone told USA Today in her first in-depth interview since the unfortunate interlude. "It's really nice to be alive." Though she's still getting "some headaches," she says she's "processing through it." We look forward to her complete recovery so we can start making fun of her again.

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