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"ER" doc rails against "The Bachelor"; Sarah Michelle Gellar won't rule out Playboy. Plus: Jewel badly hurt in horse mishap; and D'Angelo charged for driving on suspended license.

By Amy Reiter
Published April 26, 2002 4:53PM (EDT)

Still recovering from last night's "The Bachelor" finale? Alex Kingston would like to prescribe you a little perspective -- stat.

The "ER" star who plays Dr. Elizabeth Corday is not at all sorry to see the reality-TV dating show -- one fellow picking a mate (or at least a date) from 25 women -- breathe its last breath ... at least for a while.

"It's utterly humiliating for women and I find it degrading. It makes me so mad, I get so riled," Kingston recently commented, according to the World Entertainment News Network. "There was one girl who said, 'Oh I just broke up with my boyfriend.' So what is she going to do -- marry a man potentially in six weeks on the rebound? A great recipe for marriage!"

And Kingston disagrees with those of you who think pity is more in order than fury.

"These people aren't stupid. They've seen 'Survivor' and they want an agent and they want a chat show," she says. "It makes me so mad. That girl is just a hooker who didn't put out."

Of course, that's rather big talk from someone who makes a living playing doctor.

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The doctor is out?

"There's something nice about 10 years in my head. It's a nice round number."

-- Kingston's fellow "ER" star Noah Wyle on his intention to leave the show in two years, after spending a solid decade as Dr. Carter, in TV Guide.

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Slay this

And speaking of star opinions of reality TV shows ...

Sarah Michelle Gellar has yet to share her opinion of "The Bachelor," but the "Buffy" star is none too impressed with "Fear Factor."

"$25 million would not make me go on 'Fear Factor,'" she tells Movieline magazine. "You couldn't pay me enough to eat a pig rectum."

Then again, there are certain other things she thinks she might do for money.

Like pose nude for "Playboy."

"Right now I can't [picture posing], but I don't believe in saying never," she says. "There might be a time when I got pregnant and felt really beautiful and wanted to have a nude picture."

Just don't ask her to pose nude and pregnant while eating a pig rectum.

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But he never ate a pig rectum

"To quote our president, 'When I was young and crazy, I was young and crazy.'"

-- Rob Lowe on his young and crazy crazy-youngness, on Biography.

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Juicy bits

Here's hoping Jewel is better at recuperating than she is at writing poetry. The pop singer/poet broke her collarbone and a rib and got bumped and bruised when she was thrown from a horse at her boyfriend's Texas ranch on Wednesday, her record company has told the Associated Press. "Nothing was life-threatening," Atlantic Records co-president Ron Shapiro said. "But she is badly hurt." Jewel is expected to recover enough to go on her U.S. tour in June. And I'm sure she'll manage to milk some tormented verse out of the accident, too.

I'm not sure exactly what it takes to get pulled over for reckless driving in New York, the diagonal-driving capital of the world, but D'Angelo apparently managed to do it. According to the New York Post, the neo-soul singer-songwriter got stopped for driving hazardously this week while cruising FDR Drive in his BMW SUV and was subsequently charged with driving with a suspended Virginia driver's license. Maybe he should take the soul train next time.

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