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McCartney denies Heather/Stella feud; Tobey takes black widow in Spidey stride; Rupert nixes gay Bond idea; "The Bachelor's" Michel whimpers about reality!

By Amy Reiter
Published April 29, 2002 4:25PM (EDT)

Don't believe those rumors you hear about Paul McCartney's intended and his daughter being at each other's throats.

McCartney insists all such talk is "false."

Which is not to say that, when he and Heather Mills walk down the aisle this summer, Mills will be wearing one of Stella McCartney's frocks.

That too is "quite definitely" a false rumor, McCartney tells the New York Post.

"Heather has a designer and ideas of her own," he says. "You know, I'm not really supposed to know anything about the dress, according to ancient superstition. I haven't seen it, but Stella isn't designing it."

Are we clear on that now?

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"I couldn't find many uses for a Britney Spears record, other than throwing it really hard and slicing her head off."

-- "Human Nature" star Rhys Ifans expressing his disdain for a certain perky young pop star, in the Toronto Sun.

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Quick! Book him on "Fear Factor"

Tobey Maguire's buff "Spider-Man" physique may have gotten a little help from the costume shop (he wears a thin muscle suit "for definition" under his Spidey suit), but that doesn't mean the actor doesn't have his macho side.

In one scene, he allows a black widow spider to crawl all over him.

"The spider wrangler told me if the black widow bit Tobey it wouldn't actually kill him, but it could make him ill," the film's director, Sam Raimi, tells the Calgary Sun. "I didn't go into all those details with Tobey. I just told him it was pretty safe as long as he kept his hand perfectly still."

Maguire apparently managed it beautifully. "It's some of the best hand acting Tobey's ever done," Raimi says.

Maguire, however, downplays his bravery. "There was talk about there being some potential danger in using the spider and that it was a black widow," he tells the Canadian paper, "but if I recall correctly those discussions came after we'd shot the scene."

Superheroes are always so modest ...

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The spy who loved men?

"The world is not remotely ready for a gay James Bond."

-- Rupert Everett on the necessary straightness of Agent 007, in the Toronto Sun.

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Material Bond girl

But is the world ready for a bisexual Bond babe? reports that Everett's good friend Madonna is in talks to film a cameo role in the new 007 flick, "Die Another Day," for which she is already singing the theme song.

According to the Web site, the film's director, Lee Tamahori, has indicated that the perpetual pop star will wear a specially designed outfit for her role.

No, I don't know if it's being designed by Stella McCartney.

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Life in the depression

"After we actually taped the final show ... the lights went dark, cameras turned off, the crew no longer asked how I felt, is everything OK, what's my feeling on this or that, those jet planes turned into waiting for a bus and real life took over. I literally couldn't even pack a suitcase, that's how depressed I became."

-- "The Bachelor" bachelor Alex Michel on why reality TV is so much better than reality, to veteran gossipist Cindy Adams.

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