Angelina on Angelina

Jolie talks nudity, aging flesh; Joan Collins' hubby gets graphic; Kournikova sues Penthouse over photos. Plus: The Puffy Combs show?

By Amy Reiter
Published April 30, 2002 4:55PM (EDT)

Angelina Jolie may be an expert at revealing her peccadilloes to the world, but she insists she's not all that interested in revealing her pecs.

At least not until she's aged them a little bit.

"I only do what [nudity] the movie requires," Jolie tells E! Online of her skin-on-celluloid policy. "Everybody still seems to remember me as naked in 'Gia,' but I said, 'No frontal below the waist, and anything from behind is going to be from a distance.'"

Consequently, she says, her nudity in that film was "really just my breasts. And I don't see them as being that fucking stunning."

In fact, she says, "I never think of myself as some pinup when I take my clothes off. I don't see it as that shocking or sexy."

Then again, it just may be that the time is not yet ripe. "I think as I get older, nude scenes will actually be more appropriate," Jolie maintains. "As I change, I'll be more interesting. I'll have more character to my body."

Some of us have more character than we know what to do with.

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Too much information

"We sleep together every night."

-- Joan Collins' young husband, Percy Gibson, denying persistent rumors that he and his wife aren't sharing the sheets, in the New York Post.

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Kournikova cries foul

And those of you who are inclined to check out Anna Kournikova's character in the June issue of Penthouse should know this: The Russian tennis pro swears the woman in those topless pics ain't her.

Her people are suing the skin mag to prove it.

"People who know Anna and see the photos will immediately recognize these are not photos of her," Kournikova's spokesman, David Schwab, told the press. "Penthouse has left us no alternative but to pursue legal action and protect our client's rights and interests. The photos are so dissimilar to Miss Kournikova that the magazine acted either intentionally or with reckless disregard for the truth in order to exploit our client and make a profit."

Penthouse insists that Kournikova was snapped while sunning in Miami Beach. The magazine ... is confident that this is, indeed, Miss Kournikova," the publication's lawyer, Victor Kovner, told

What a racket.

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Juicy bits

MTV must be stopped. Now that "The Osbournes" has proven such a success, the network execs are apparently trying to strike ratings gold with yet another musician-focused reality TV show. Their next subject: Sean "Puffy/P. Diddy" Combs, with whom they are reportedly nearing a final deal. The rap mogul's show would focus more on his business life than his home life, however. But according to Puffy, that doesn't mean it'll be fluffy. "I'm quite sure there will be a lot of bleeps in it because it will be raw and uncensored," he told "Access Hollywood." Uncensored except for the bleeps, of course.

More cosmos for the rest of 'em? Kim Cattrall has told a U.K. TV show that she's ready to leave the cast of "Sex and the City" and strike out on her own. "Six years for me is enough," she reportedly told "Celebrity Extra." "There are other things I'd like to do." Like, maybe, write another how-to sex manual? No doubt it, too, will be raw and uncensored.

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