Tobey and the glorified leotard

Maguire tells of restricted Spidey bathroom breaks; Devo admits to subliminal messages. Plus: Ozzy and fam in Ripa love fest; Hurley's financial instincts unmolested by motherhood!

By Amy Reiter
May 6, 2002 8:43PM (UTC)
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Tobey Maguire may be basking in that Spidey glow right now, but life inside the Spidey-suit wasn't always so easy.

"The breathing was OK, but I lost a little peripheral vision," Maguire tells, "and sometimes the lenses would fog up, even though they're supposed to be non-fogging. And the shoes didn't have much support. I guess you could say it was an extremely glorified leotard."


What's more, Maguire has also told the press that, due to a little zipper-breakage problem, he actually had to be sewn into that extremely glorified leotard, which pretty much put the kibosh on bathroom breaks during filming.

I can just imagine the contents of Maguire's thought bubble as he swung from building to building with a full bladder ...

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Wrestling with philosophy

"Body slams are like snowflakes. Each one is really different."

-- The Rock on individual slam styles, in Stuff magazine.

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Are we not men? We are sneaky

Back in the '80s, as we all know, Devo instructed us to "whip it" in no uncertain terms.


But we didn't know they told us to buy blue jeans. Only not in so many words.

Mark Mothersbaugh, Devo's lead singer, currently at work on a new CD, "When Pigs Fly," has just come forward to admit that he and his fellow bandmates put subliminal messages in their music. They have, he tells Wireless Flash News, instructed people to buy jeans because they're "the uniform of the proletariat."


But that's just the tip of the subliminal iceberg. Mothersbaugh says he's sneaked the message "question authority" onto the soundtrack of "Rugrats, " for which he wrote music. And says it's "entirely possible" that a cereal commercial he worked on secretly featured the phrase "sugar is bad for you," just to be subversive.

Very (Paul is dead) funny, guys.

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Juicy bits

If mainstream America's embrace of the Osbourne family wasn't complete before, it sure is now. The MTV darlings are now trading love notes with Kelly Ripa on "Live with Regis and Kelly." Ripa apparently helped the Osbournes secure the return of their missing Pomeranian, Pipi. "Because of you we got our Pipi back," Ozzy and his family wrote, in a note delivered with flowers, "A million thanks. Love, the Osbournes." XOXO!

Is Liz Hurley coming out of character? The British press is reporting that the model/actress has turned down a joint offer from OK! and Hello! magazines for the rights to run photos of her new baby son and the story of his birth. But, alas, her decision may be more attributable to greed than to its sudden absence: The magazines reportedly backed down from their initial rumored $2 million deal and offered only about $150,000. And who would sell their soul for that?


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