Sex too soon and celebrity boxing!

Britney will be forgiven; Diddy's 'n love with 'N Sync; Rachel and Robbie aren't sitting in a tree; Eminem keeps his day job. Plus: Darva comes out punching!

Amy Reiter
May 15, 2002 8:22PM (UTC)

Britney Spears' local pastor has some good news and bad news for her.

First, the bad news: He's very disappointed in her after hearing reports that she's been smoking and drinking and may even have had actual sex with her ex-boyfriend, Justin Timberlake.


"I would have preferred it if she wore more clothes and if she had waited and had sex after marriage," the Southern Baptist Convention's Bob Sheffield told the British magazine Heat. "But Jesus will forgive her."

That last part about forgiveness is the good news. But it apparently doesn't come cheap.

The organizer of a Louisiana abstinence support group called "True Love Waits" says his group would also be willing to forgive Britney her trespasses, but she'd have to swear off indulging in any further sexual escapades until she hops the broom.

"The groups are full of people who have had sex and then decided to make a commitment to God until they are married," TLW's Richard Ross told Heat. "Britney will be welcomed back."

Oops! She can't do it again?

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Justin's puffy new love


"We hang tight. You see how they're in and out of my room and I'm in and out of their rooms? It's funny because we like the same things -- the same music, the same artists, the same parties. It's all love around here."

-- Sean "P.Diddy/Puff Daddy" Combs on his new best friends, the boys of 'N Sync, for whom he's been opening, in Newsweek.


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Deny, deny, deny

The paparazzi might want to stay away from Robbie Williams' window -- stay away from his backdoor too -- because the British pop star insists that they won't find him in flagrante delicto with Rod Stewart's ex-wife Rachel Hunter or anything.


Williams says widespread rumors that he and Hunter are secretly an item are false, false, false.

"Rachel and I are definitely not an item," Williams told the Scottish Daily Record. "We are not seeing each other and are not together in any way."

In fact, Williams says, referring to his current struggle to stay sober, "There's no way I'd be able to have a relationship with anyone at the moment."


Not that Hunter's all that picky ...

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Say no more, say no more ...

"I nag him every now and then about whether or not I'll get to wear the Darth Vader outfit, and he gives me a little wink-wink, nudge-nudge, that maybe I will."


-- "Star Wars: Episode II" star Hayden Christensen on George Lucas' cagey response to questions about the fate of his character, Anakin Skywalker, in "Episode III," to the Associated Press.

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Juicy bits

Eminem may have dipped a toe into acting in "8 Mile," but he apparently has no intention of giving up his day job. At least, not for a while. "When I start slowing down with the music then I might consider acting," the rapper mused in an interview on Britain's Radio One. "Maybe in a few years." So many people to offend, so little time.


Well, here's a big surprise: The next edition of Fox's exceptionally highbrow entertainment "Celebrity Boxing 2" will feature a veteran of another exceptionally highbrow Fox show: "Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?" bride Darva Conger. The nurse-turned-bride-turned-Playboy model will go glove to glove with one-time Olympic gymnast Olga Korbut on the show, which airs May 22. Way to tarnish that gold medal, Olga.

Is Gisele Bundchen Steve Bing's next victim? reports that the Brazilian model, who has long been linked to Leonardo DiCaprio, was photographed speeding away from Los Angeles' Latin Lounge on Friday in the car of the man Liz Hurley says is the father of her newborn son. I guess Gisele doesn't read the U.K. tabloids ...

Cue the "Pomp and Circumstance." Steven Spielberg's finally graduating from college. E! Online reports that the director will wear a cap and gown when he collects his diploma from Cal State University, Long Beach, the school he dropped out of in 1969, on May 31. Awww.

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