Mick's cold shower

Jagger won't get ya-yas out this tour; Lucas explains Jedi sex lives; Bing named as father of another baby. Plus: Gauging Kournikova's nipple diameter!

By Amy Reiter

Published May 16, 2002 4:44PM (EDT)

Never mind the hot rocks. Mick Jagger says he's swearing off sex ... for the sake of his fans.

The lippy rocker says he's channeling all his energy into the Rolling Stones world tour, instead of into the making of love.

"I've already forsaken the pleasures of the flesh," Jagger tells Rolling Stone magazine, adding that he's also been "going to the gym" regularly.

"You've got to prove that you've still got the hunger, the energy, and the ability to do the job," he says. "I'm not kidding anyone. You wonder, 'Am I still going to be able to do this?'"

Well, you know, Mick, you can't always get what you want ...

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Light sabers up!

"Jedi Knights aren't celibate -- the thing that is forbidden is attachments, and possessive relationships."

-- George Lucas, clearing up a few details about Jedi sex during a "Star Wars" press conference.

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Another candidate for judicious abstinence

Will someone please buy Steve Bing a box of condoms?

Liz Hurley's alleged baby daddy is reportedly being named in yet another paternity suit.

According to the London Evening Standard, MGM film studio owner Kirk Kerkorian has alleged that the 4-year-old daughter he has raised with his ex-wife, Lisa Bonder, is not actually his, but Bing's.

Kerkorian says the little girl's DNA is a match for Bing's. He knows, he says, because he tested her hair and dental floss swiped from Bing's garbage.

Such dignity these people have.

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Not Steve Bing?

"It's Ozzy Osbourne, actually."

-- Rosie O'Donnell joking (we assume) about the father of her girlfriend Kelli Carpenter's unborn child, on "The Today Show."

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Juicy bits

Oh, for Pete's sake! Of all the lame excuses ... Frank Ramaesiri, the amateur photographer who tried to pass off his home video images of Benetton heir Judith Soltesz-Benetton sunbathing topless as snaps of tennis pro Anna Kournikova, says he was sure he had the right woman onaccounta the nipples in his photo looked like hers. "It was pretty evident, the diameter of them," Ramaesiri, who now says he's sorry, said during the trial in Manhattan federal court on Tuesday. He looked very closely at photos of Kournikova in a sweaty tennis outfit, he says, "and [her nipples] matched up [with] what we had on film." What a boob!

Sharon Stone may have been rushed to the hospital with a major headache a few days ago, fearing a recurrence of the cerebral hemorrhage that felled her last year, but she's apparently a-OK now. Stone has been smiling for photographers at the Cannes Film Festival, where she is serving as a judge, but she's actually not as happy about it as you might imagine. "For two years I have been called 'Mama' or 'Honey,' so it feels silly having all these photographers shouting out my name," she says. "It's really kind of weird." So much for gratitude.

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