Delusion of a clown

J.Lo stands by hair disaster, teaches life lesson; Russell's in hot water again; Bing flips about floss. Plus: Nugent and Osbourne do battle; and Lucas lets down his geeks.

By Amy Reiter
May 20, 2002 8:46PM (UTC)
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Jennifer Lopez may call herself a "clown" in the current issue of Latina magazine, but that doesn't mean she's happy that people are still yukking it up about that horrid Shirley Temple-crossed-with-Patty Duke-crossed-with-kewpie-doll bouffant she sported on Oscar night.

In fact, the overcoiffed diva is sounding just a little defensive when people suggest her 'do was a major don't.


"I loved it," Lopez tells TV Guide Online, passing up a perfectly good opportunity to blame someone else for the undeniably bad hair day. "I wanted to do my hair like that."

It may, she admits, have been a hairdo slightly before it's time, but that just proves its true genius as far as she's concerned.

"Sometimes people just don't get things until a few months later," Lopez says.


"I always do what I feel. I can't get wrapped up in what everybody thinks all the time," Lopez declares. "You have one person that you have to go to bed with at night, and that's yourself."

Apparently herself doesn't have a mirror in the boudoir.

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To be or not to be really irritating

"I suffer from Hamlet's disease of introspection."

-- Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell on her Shakespearean angst, in the London Daily Mail.

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Return of the Madiator

Is trouble brewing between Russell Crowe and his off-again-on-again girlfriend, actress/singer Danielle Spencer?


Spencer recently gushed that she and Crowe are "held together by the thread of music," but the U.K. Mirror reports that her willingness to sing may be tearing them apart.

According to the British tabloid, the tantrum-plagued "Gladiator" star is majorly ticked that his live-in love interest has blabbed about their relationship to the Australian weekly New Idea.

Among her disclosures: She and her lover's ex-lover Meg Ryan have never met, but she considers Nicole Kidman a good friend.


Sheesh, if Crowe's pissed at that, he'd be pissed at anything!

Actually, he probably would be pissed at anything ...

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Bing ... kaching?

"One of the richest men in the world ... schemed to steal someone's DNA from the garbage and to have that DNA tested without consent, in a disgusting effort to publicly smear and disparage his ex-wife."


-- Steve Bing in a lawsuit for more than $1 billion he's brought against billionaire Kirk Kerkorian after Kerkorian's minions snagged dental floss from his garbage to test his DNA against that of his ex-wife's 5-year-old daughter. (Yes, it apparently was a match.)

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Juicy bits

Speaking of random male anger ... A feud has broken out between Ted Nugent and Ozzy Osbourne. Nugent apparently started the scuffle by telling the New York Post that "The Osbournes" is "an indictment to the soulessness of modern man" in that "we get a kick out of witnessing a magnificent creature reduced to a blithering hopeless idiot." And while Ozzy himself tried to stake out higher ground, telling the press that he respects Nugent "very dearly as a musician," his wife, Sharon, said she'd rather like to castrate Nugent the next time she sees him. Undaunted, Nugent shot back to Reuters, "The reason [Ozzy's] so successful is everyone wants to see a train wreck -- but no one wants to be in one." Though some people clearly wouldn't mind piggybacking on the train wreck's lucrative flair for controversy.


Another harsh toke for "Star Wars" fans: George Lucas says he has absolutely no interest in writing another trilogy, despite his hints some 25 years ago that he might do a special reunion episode with the original cast. "I said, 'Well, I guess it would be amusing to come back when Harrison and Mark and Carrie are 70 years old and make another one,' which I meant as a joke. It's an amusing concept more than it is anything else, except that I'll be 70 years old, too," Lucas explained to Reuters. "And I don't have a story for it." Of course, that never stopped him before ...

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