Britney and Justin together again?

Spears learns lesson from "living nightmare"; Mets' Valentine: We're ready for gay ball; Richard Hatch tries for second million; Tom Green booed off stage in Iowa.

By Amy Reiter
May 21, 2002 8:40PM (UTC)
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I guess Britney Spears' pastor can stop praying for the pop princess to become a born-again virgin. She's reportedly back with Justin Timberlake -- even after he'd reportedly been loose-lipping it about their relationship of late. (Oops!)

Of course, the "on again" reports are just about as confusing as those "off again" ones a couple months back. Neither party's spokespeople will confirm the rumors. (Her people have refused to comment; his spokesman has actually denied them.)


But over the weekend, Spears herself apparently confirmed reports of a reunion to London's News of the World, saying that during a recent phone conversation, "we spoke about a lot of things, and the more we were on the phone, the more we realized we wanted to be together."

She now considers their two-month separation to be a "living nightmare."

"I didn't want it to be over. We'd known each other since we were kids and I couldn't imagine life without him," Spears reportedly told the tabloid. "It was a tough time. We both did the single thing and didn't like it."


So what does Britney's mother, Lynn, think of her daughter's suddenly rejuvenated love life? Not much, apparently. She's too busy admiring the Mother's Day present her children gave her this year: a new car.

"Bryan and Britney surprised me with a new Lexus 5C-430 sports car!" she writes in her diary on "It has so many fantastic features and the best stereo system I've ever heard in a car. I have to admit my children have 'spoiled' me."

Kinda makes you feel bad about that wilty bunch of flowers you gave your mom, huh?


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Batter up!

"Clubhouses are probably ready for an openly gay ballplayer. The players are a diverse enough group now that I think they could handle it."

-- Mets manager Bobby Valentine on players who bat for the other team, in the upcoming issue of Details.


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Outwit, outplay ... outsell?

Richard Hatch, the first and most notorious "Survivor" winner, is trying to make another million bucks. And this time, it's all about real estate.

According to TV Guide Online, Hatch has put his Middletown, R.I., mansion up for sale ... for $1.25 million, more than nine times what he shelled out for it back before his name was synonymous with nudie booty.


Apparently Hatch has put a fair amount of work into the house, which was originally built in the 1950s; it's now tricked out with six bedrooms, four bathrooms, an outdoor kitchen and a 12-person hot tub.

I'd give that thing a good scrub, if I were the new owner.

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Let's hope the clone's better at it than he is

"I don't know. My publicity?"

-- Hayden Christensen in Teen People, on what he'd make his clone do, if he had one.

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From Drew to brew ... to boo

Tom Green doesn't seem to be bouncing back so well after his break with Drew Barrymore. And taking comfort in the adulation of his fans doesn't seem to be in the cards.


The Associated Press reports that last Thursday night Green was booed right off the stage at an Iowa dance club when he took over the DJ's microphone and started leading the crowd in the chants "Beer," "I like to drink beer" and "In Iowa, we like to drink beer."

Iowans can be so cold.

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