In defense of standard English

I dislike the word "partner," but that doesn't mean I'm a homophobe.

By Salon Staff
May 21, 2002 11:01PM (UTC)
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Steeped in the rough-and-tumble spoken-word movement, boiled in punk rock, roasted in alcohol, pressure-cooked in American literature and turned like a newel post on the lathe of American journalism, Cary Tennis considers life's most pressing questions in audio form most every week on Salon.

This week ... he digs a big hole for himself and climbs into it as he attempts to justify his rear-guard, bourgeois attachment to standard English and his loathing of neologisms born in the stinking manger of business and social change.


As he rages in an unwholesome and politically suspect way against any and all inconsequential details of modern life that offend his brittle repressed little cashew of an ego, it becomes increasingly apparent that not only is he unhinged and a danger to society, but is a rabid menace to himself and ought to be locked up.

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