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Pope says nope to Aniston, others flaunting crosses; Spears redumps Justin over dancer? Hugh stands up for polygamy; Campbell insists J.Lo's a pussycat!

By Amy Reiter
May 24, 2002 8:04PM (UTC)
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You might think the pope would be pleased that so many celebrities parade around with big, flashy crosses hanging on chains around their necks. But you'd be wrong.

The Vatican is apparently seriously irked by what it sees as a pernicious star trend: wearing sacred religious icons to make fly-by-night fashion statements.


And in an effort to shame the wicked and the glittery, the papal news agency, Fidel, has even begun to name names.

"Jennifer Aniston, star of the American TV series 'Friends' and wife of Brad Pitt, wears a cross of platinum and diamonds," the agency noted in a spiky editorial on the subject. "Fashion model Naomi Campbell has a collection of enormous, jewel studded crosses. Italian fashion stylist Giuliana Cella has more than four hundred of them. Actress Catherine Zeta Jones exhibits a cross of gold and diamonds. This mania is incomprehensible."

But not quite so incomprehensible as the idea that Hollywoods gonna take fashion advice from a guy in a funny hat.


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More crosses to bear

"We had a great time when we came here with 'Easy Rider.' We were free to get loaded in those days, so the festival was a little more rockin' than it can be in the streets today. That was good."

-- Jack Nicholson getting nostalgic about Cannes in the loose old days, in the Toronto Sun.


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Back N trouble

Could Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake really be off-again already?

According to the U.K. Sun, Spears has called it quitsville with her N Sync feller yet again -- this time onaccounta his refusal to call it off once and for all with a dancer named Jenna Dewan.


"It is now completely over -- and Britney is totally over him," a friend told the tabloid.

Raise your hand if you believe it.

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Hugh Grant: Three-toed sloth?

"The tree-dweller is polygamous and wants to play around as much as possible. I believe those genes persist completely to this day, particularly for men and there's no point denying it."


-- Hugh Grant on mans inhumanity to woman, in the London Express.

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The pope might not like J.Lo's fashion sense, but Billy Campbell is a fan.

But it's less the bejeweled crosses she sometimes wears than what's beneath them that's caught the "Once and Again" star's eye.


"The girl is just so beautiful," Campbell, who appears opposite Lopez in "Enough," drooled to TV Guide Online. "She has the most beautiful skin of anyone I've ever met. I couldn't stop looking at her skin."

And Campbell swears that the singer/actress is beautiful on the inside, too, despite all that talk of diva histrionics.

"I certainly had preconceived notions. How could you not?" he asks, adding that when he met Lopez, "I was completely disarmed. She's as sweet and funny as she can be. I never experienced the first riff of anything improper, untoward, uncivil."

He does, however, have a theory about how she got her demanding rep.


"Maybe she sits in a room somewhere and makes these [rumors] up and sends them out in the world," he says.

Mmmm ... maybe.

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