What do they mean, "reality"?

Anna Nicole Smith hits reality TV; Ruskies deny all knowledge of Lance Bass; Affleck keeps it simple; another tennis star fights porn industry.

By Amy Reiter
May 31, 2002 1:15AM (UTC)
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Stand back. Anna Nicole Smith's bustin' into the reality-TV biz.

I suppose it shouldn't come as a surprise to any of us that E! is giving the former Playboy model/tenacious heiress/emotional train wreck her very own show. "The Anna Nicole Smith Show" is being billed as a "candid and compelling look" at the widow's day-to-day life.


"Five days of the life of Anna Nicole Smith are far more riveting and engaging than the entire lifetime of most people," an E! spokesman told the Hollywood Reporter.

Let those of you who have stripped for a living, married a billionaire nearly four times your age and dropped a barbell on your arm dare to disagree.

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File under "It takes all kinds ..."

"After the second date, I called my sister and told her, 'I found my future husband!' It was the whole package that attracted me to Charlie. It wasn't one thing, it was his sense of humor, everything!"

-- Denise Richards on why she's marrying notorious -- but reformed -- Hollywood bad boy Charlie Sheen, in the New York Post.


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Spaced out?

Could the whole Lance Bass in space thing be any more confusing?

The BBC reports that the 'N Sync-er has been cleared for blastoff by Moscow's Institute of Biomedical Problems, Russia's leading space medicine center, and will begin months of intensive training at Russia's Star City space complex in the next few weeks.


But no sooner had Bass passed his physical than the Russian Aerospace Agency began distancing itself from the boy band star's reported plans.

"The Russian Aerospace Agency has had no contacts whatsoever with Mr. Bass," agency spokesman Konstantin Kreidenko told the Associated Press. "We have received no requests from either him or his representatives, not to speak about signing any contracts."

As for the physical exam, Kreidenko says, "Anyone has the right to undergo tests in the Institute of Biomedical Problems. But that doesn't mean that such a person is considered to be a candidate for space flight."


Am I the only one who feels a sad ballad coming on?

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What a little AA will do

"I sort of knew that, at the end of the day, this is not a movie that I would have taken if I was somebody who compulsively needed everyone to love him and say he was great. I don't pretend to be Harrison Ford -- I'm an actor that got hired to try to do the best job that he could do."


-- Ben Affleck on stepping into the role of Jack Ryan and taking things one day at a time, on TV Guide Online.

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Juicy bits

The casting geniuses at USA Network have picked the perfect actor to play Rudy Giuliani in "Rudy!" The two-hour TV movie will reportedly star James Woods, who is sure to bring to the role the perfect blend of arrogance, smarm, charm ... and arrogance.


Anna Kournikova is apparently not the only tennis babe facing off against the porn racket. Former pro Steffi Graf has won a court battle with Microsoft Germany over fake-o nekkid pix of her that were published on one of its community Web sites. Microsoft plans to appeal the case, but I imagine Graf is ready to return the volley ...

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