They won't be his neighbor

Dartmouth brats complain about Mr. Rogers; Warwick plays dumb after cops find joints; KISS releases toilet water; Wonder Twins coming to theaters!

Published June 7, 2002 3:59PM (EDT)

Can you say "spoiled rich kids with no respect for trailblazing children's television stars"? I think you can.

The student body of Dartmouth College apparently has nothing but disdain for Mr. McFeeley, cardigan sweaters and the Land of Make-Believe. And theyre not acting particularly neighborly toward the man who made them all famous, Fred Rogers, who is scheduled to address the college's graduating class on commencement day this weekend.

"I had hoped for someone more awe-evoking," senior Chris Moore sniffed to the Associated Press. "Some secretary of the U.N., or [Rudolph] Giuliani, or a human rights leader."

And Moore wasn't the only student rudely dissing Lady Elaine's best buddy.

"It's like Barney the dinosaur speaking at our graduation," griped Michael Weiss. "We're 22 years old and we're getting lectured by a guy who plays with puppets for a living."

Meow-meow not very nice meow-meow.

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Via San Jose?

"It wasn't hers and she doesn't know how it got there."

-- Dionne Warwick spokesman Angelo Ellerbee on the 11 joints that were found in his client's lipstick case at the Miami airport last month, to the New York Daily News.

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Ozzy the bear

I dont know about you, but Im dying to get my hands on a plush toy that yells, "I'm the fucking prince of darkness."

And that's just one of the lovely Osbourne family collectibles headed our way.

Variety reports that this month's Licensing Show in New York will introduce the world to 300 Osbourne-inflected products, including sleepwear, dartboards, backpacks, calendars and toys aplenty.

Sheesh. It's worse than KISS.

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OK, maybe it's not worse than KISS

"KISS just sounds perfect for a fragrance."

-- KISS front man Gene Simmons on his latest KISS product, fragrant toilet water, in the New York Daily News.

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Speaking of merchandising juggernauts, Hanna-Barbera has optioned the rights to the Wonder Twins, of Saturday morning "Superfriends" fame, to Warner Bros. Pictures and Gaylord Films.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a big-screen film -- á la "Scooby-Doo" -- is now in the works featuring the telepathic, hand-touching, shape-shifting, crime-fighting twins.

Just so long as they don't try to speak at Dartmouth.

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