We didn't hold our breath anyway

J.Lo splitting with new hubby; Woody Harrelson goes bonkers in London, offers stoner's apology; McCartney wedding hinted at; Don Johnson dad again.

By Amy Reiter
Published June 10, 2002 4:17PM (EDT)

Who among us is shocked by the news of Jennifer Lopez's marriage to dancer/choreographer Cris Judd going right down the terlet? Anyone? Anyone?

Thought not.

But these rumors that she's reunited with Sean "Puffy/P.Diddy" Combs are pretty startling all right. They also may not be true.

J.Lo's flack, probably still brushing the last crumb of wedding cake from his lips, isn't rushing to offer an official comment, but a source close to the couple has apparently confirmed to the press that the split has occurred.

The separation, the source told the Associated Press, has been amicable, and Lopez and Judd are apparently in less of a hurry to get a divorce than they were to hitch it in the first place.

But Access Hollywood reports that, contrary to an item about a J.Lo/Puffy reunion in Cindy Adams' column in the New York Post, no third party was involved. Not even Lopez's ex, the Daddy of Puff.

Wake me when the Puffster starts sending her rooms full of rose petals and batches of doves again ...

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Down and out in Beverly Hills

"I didn't know who the suspect was when I first saw her on the monitors. I thought she was a homeless person."

-- Saks Fifth Avenue security chief Kenneth Evans on his first impression of Winona Ryder on the day he contends she swiped some $4,800 worth of merchandise from the department store's Beverly Hills branch, during Ryder's preliminary hearing last week.

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Woody's bad trip

Woody or wouldn't he? In Woody Harrelson's case, it looks as if he would do almost anything -- and worry about the consequences later.

Harrelson's latest wacky high jink? Breaking his way out of one of London's famous black cabs, for no apparent reason, hailing another cab, then, when that cab was nabbed by a flock of British bobbies, busting a move on foot. Or so the British tabloids report.

According to the driver of the first cab, Harrelson "went completely bonkers" shortly after hopping into his vehicle.

As of Friday, however, the actor, having been arrested and freed on bail, was sounding most contrite.

"I have nothing but the most profound respect for London taxi drivers," he told Peoplenews.com. "I did accidentally pull a taxi's ashtray from the door, which is unfortunate, because I also have a great deal of respect for ashtrays and think they perform an important function in our society."

Harsh toke, dude.

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Very subtle, sir

"I've been told to keep it a dead secret. But you might want to keep Tuesday free."

-- Sir John Leslie letting the cat out of the bag about whether Paul McCartney and Heather Mills might be getting hitched at his snazzy castle, to anyone who'll listen.

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Who's got the diaper wipes?

Start knitting the baby booties (though not the little socks). "Miami Vice" and "Nash Bridges" veteran Don Johnson's a daddy ... for the fourth time.

Johnson's wife, Kelley, has just given birth to the couple's second baby, a little boy, Jasper Breckenridge Johnson, the Associated Press reports.

The Johnsons already have a 2-year-old daughter, Atherton Grace. Johnson also has two children from two previous relationships, a son, Jesse, and a daughter, Dakota.

Dakota, Atherton, Breckenridge? Whatever happened to boring names, like Don?

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