She's baaack!

Pamela Anderson, that is, and she's talking about sex-madness and breasts. Plus: Shakira washes her own undies!

By Amy Reiter
Published July 2, 2002 4:28PM (EDT)

Jeez. Take a couple of weeks off and what happens? Billy Joel goes in and out of rehab. (He really doesn't want to go into the details.) Charlie Sheen gets married. (I don't really want to hear about the details.) Liz Hurley proves that her baby is, in fact, Stephen Bing's. (We already know all the details.) And Pamela Anderson gets a regular column in Jane magazine.

The details on Anderson's column? It will be called "Pam, Honestly" and it originated because Anderson, unhappy with a recent article the magazine ran on her, wrote notes of complaint that so impressed editor Jane Pratt that Pratt decided to let the actress let it rip in the pages of her magazine each month.

Anderson previews her future column in the magazine's August issue by spouting off on the joys of pregnancy (she's not; Pratt is) and revealing that when she was pregnant with her two sons, she was so randy she got off on ... walls. (At least, I think that's what she's saying.)

"Are you feeling sex-mad, Jane?" Anderson inquires. "There are probably no sharp corners left in your house. I don't know a woman who doesn't feel like that when they are pregnant."

Um, OK.

Anderson also shares that, before she got knocked up the first time, "I didn't realize what happens to your breasts when you are pregnant. Damn -- I could have saved some money for a while there!"

As if her implants required constant care and feeding ... unless, maybe they did. Did they, Pam, honestly?

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Look who's crowing now?

"Russell Crowe has become so incredibly pompous and self-important. It's funny how the world can do that to you."

-- Red Hot Chili Peppers front man Anthony Keidis, spoiling for a fight with the Gladiator, in Movieline.

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White man jumps out of hot water

In sort of a man-bites-dog twist, the London cab driver whose taxi Woody Harrelson allegedly damaged is hailing the actor. Or at least he's no longer of a mind to press charges.

According to the British tabs, cabbie Les Dartnell has decided to drop charges against Harrelson for allegedly breaking the door handle of his cab during a recent late-night ride, after the former "Cheers" star agreed to fork over $800 in damages.

Harrelson was less forthcoming with an explanation of why he, in Dartnell's words, went "completely bonkers" in the cab "kicking the glass and trying to get out" -- sparking off a chase that included another cab, several police cars and a few dumpsters.

Dartnell, for one, is not curious about the actor's explanations or excuses. Harrelson "offered to meet me face to face," the driver told the London Daily Star, "but I wasn't interested in doing that after what happened."

Eight hundred bucks may fix a doorknob, but money is apparently no salve for the hurt feelings of a London cabbie.

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Shakira, honestly

She may have made millions off her music, but Shakira is apparently not splurging on household help ... or underwear.

"The only laundry I really do is washing my panties every day," she tells Maxim. "I wash them myself because I don't want other people doing that chore for me."

Fascinating! Perhaps some editor out there would like to offer her a column so she can tell us more about washing out her grundy undies?

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