Will Julia perform her wifely duties?

Roberts' new hubby's ex-wife gets nasty; Lara Flynn Boyle comes clean about her ratty past; and Winslet and Mendes hit a titanic snag.

By Amy Reiter
Published July 9, 2002 4:19PM (EDT)

Now that Julia Roberts and cameraman Danny Moder have made it official in an Independence Day ceremony under the stars in New Mexico, who could refuse to wish them well?

Moder's ex-wife, the erstwhile Vera Moder (now Vera Steinberg), for one. The 29-year-old makeup artist is not quite ready to forgive and forget the way Roberts wooed away her husband of five years.

"I'll never be able to forgive Julia -- she's a husband stealer," the former Mrs. Moder told the U.K. Sun, mere days after the midnight ceremony in which her ex became Julia's current. "But it won't last with her anyway. She will be looking for a new husband within a year. Danny has a roving eye, too, and he won't change. He cheated on me and he will cheat on her."

Nevertheless, even Vera's gotta face the marital facts.

"Julia has been desperate to get him down the aisle and she's got her wish," she says. "I never wanted to lose him, but I've given up now."

Not so Danny's parents, apparently. Roberts' new in-laws have their doubts about their son's recent wifey switcheroo.

"When Danny first told me he was dating Julia Roberts I asked him, 'Son, what are you smoking?'" Mike Moder told the Sun. "I made it clear to Danny -- and Julia -- we weren't pleased. He and Vera had seemed so close together. Vera stuck with him when he was down on his luck. She washed his shirts and underwear. We were all wondering, 'Will Julia do that?'"

No, but I'm sure her people will be happy to.

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Hold the Viagra

"David's always up to the task!"

-- Melissa Etheridge on the prospect of David Crosby remotely fathering yet another child for her, this time with her new girlfriend, actress Tammy Lynn Michaels, in the Ottawa Sun.

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Lara Flynn Boyle, from rats to riches?

The superskinny star may have the humble-beginnings story to end all humble-beginnings stories.

"I grew up in a housing project in Chicago. My mom was the building manager, so we could get a cut on our rent," Flynn Boyle tells the Calgary Sun. "She'd put out rat poison in the evenings. My job before going to school each day was to shovel up the dead rats, bag them and put them in the garbage bin."


But don't cry for her anymore. She's so over all that rodent stuff.

When she found a rat slinking around her Beverly Hills home recently, she didn't exactly run for the Hefty bags. She ran for the phone.

"I called my mom to get a pest exterminator to come over and remove it," she says. "I shoveled my last rat a long time ago."

I guess she was a little out of practice.

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Juicy bits

Knot tying is definitely in the air. "Sex and the City" scribe Candace Bushnell has traded in her confirmed bachelorette status and made like a bride, marrying her boyfriend of eight weeks, ballet dancer Charles Askegard. "I know it's freaky, but this just seems like the natural thing to do," Bushnell told the New York Times. Who needs Mr. Big when you can have Mr. Right?

Also newlyweds: "American Pie" star Shannon Elizabeth and her "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" costar Joseph Reitman. The couple's publicist has announced they were married on June 15 in a sunset ceremony in Jalisco, Mexico, with about 20 family members and friends in attendance. Their reception was held in Los Angeles. No, I don't know if they served pie.

Not hopping the broom: Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes. The "Titanic" star and the "American Beauty" director are reported to be feuding over the subject of nuptials, the London Mirror reports. She wants 'em. He doesn't. "It is fair to say it hasn't been easy in the last few weeks," a chatty pal told the tabloid. "Kate wants more commitment out of Sam but he is perfectly happy with the way things are. He doesn't want to feel as if he is being forced into marriage. Sam likes a more freewheeling lifestyle. Kate is really surprised by this, so things have been strained between them." Sounds like it might be time to ready the lifeboats.

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