I can criticize you in public

Who am I? Why am I doing this? Is it giving me delusions of grandeur? The advice columnist does some soul-searching.

By Ranted by Cary Tennis
Published July 9, 2002 8:01AM (EDT)

Steeped in the rough-and-tumble spoken-word movement, boiled in punk rock, roasted in alcohol, pressure-cooked in American literature and turned like a newel post on the lathe of American journalism, Cary Tennis considers life's most pressing questions in audio form most every week on Salon.

This week, in a state of mild exhaustion, stage fright and intense soul searching, he just about loses all coherence. But then about six minutes into the rant he seems to get some traction. Give a listen. Take a ride. It's bumpy but interesting!

Ranted by Cary Tennis

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