Britney wears a bullet bra, baby!

Spears sports heavy artillery in "Goldmember"; Carmen Electra: Clean feet get her hot. Plus: Jacko gets weepy over MIB in Paree!

By Amy Reiter
Published July 16, 2002 9:54PM (EDT)

Some people dream of being rich. Some dream of being famous. Britney Spears apparently harbors fantasies of deadly negligees.

And Mike Myers made her dreams come true in "Goldmember," thanks to the intervention of Destiny's Child frontwoman Beyoncé Knowles.

"We have a lot of guest stars in the movie," Knowles, who plays Foxxy Cleopatra in upcoming Austin Powers flick, tells the Calgary Sun. "Mike got most of them in because they're his friends. In Britney's case, she called me."

Knowles says Spears didn't beat around the bush.

"She said she desperately wanted to be in the movie and wanted to wear a bra that shot bullets," Knowles recalls. "We managed to accommodate her requests."

Not a girl, not quite a fembot?

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What ism he talking about?

"We climbed out of the ashes of all our isms, and believe me, we have a lot of isms. But now our isms are wasms."

-- Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler on Lord knows what, in the upcoming issue of Maxim.

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No bun in her oven

Speaking of Steven Tyler blabbing on about nonsense ...

It would appear that the rumor he started last week about Pamela Anderson being pregnant with Kid Rock's child is not true. At least, that's what her rep has insisted to the New York Daily News.

That certainly seems to settle the "ism she or ism't she?" question ... for now anyway.

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The lure of the biped

"Manicured, clean nice feet on a man are incredibly sexy."

-- Carmen Electra on what she looks for in a man, in Stuff.

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Juicy bits

Guess the Prince of Fucking Darkness really is a big ol' softy after all. Ozzy Osbourne tells the German magazine Jetzt that he'd pull out of his contract to MTV in a second if his kids decided they were uncomfortable with being part of "The Osbournes." "I'd rather return the cash," he says. "My family is more important that the money." Whattafuckinguy!

Michael Jackson apparently has no nose for comedy. Director Barry Sonnenfeld says he really wanted the peculiar pop star to play an alien in the first "Men in Black," but Jackson turned him down cold. "But 15 months into shooting 'Men in Black II' I got a message saying Michael Jackson really wanted to be in it," Sonnenfeld tells "I had a lovely conversation with Michael in which he told me he had seen the first 'Men in Black' in Paris and had stayed when all the other people left the theater and sat there and wept. I had to explain to him that it was a comedy." Heh-heh.

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