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"Reset" is the peer-reviewed, accelerated remix version of Peter Kruder's (one half of Austrian drum 'n' bass duo Kruder & Dorfmeister) 1999 solo release "Peace Orchestra." Listen in.

Published July 17, 2002 5:37PM (EDT)

Peace Orchestra

Out now on !K7 Records

Peace Orchestra is Austrian DJ Peter Kruder, together with Richard Dorfmeister of Kruder & Dorfmeister fame. The duo's acid-jazzed drum 'n' bass albums "DJ Kicks" (1996) and "K&D Sessions"(1998) received much critical acclaim, making them one of the few electronic DJ acts to be embraced by mainstream media.

In 1999 Kruder released his first solo record, "Peace Orchestra," a down-tempo album on which he smoothly combined jazz, dub and bossa. Here, on the new "Reset," Kruder's contemporaries revisit the tracks from "Peace Orchestra," and deliver 11 diverse remixes (each remix comes courtesy of a different artist). Electronic musicians Gotan Project, Beanfield, Zero dB and Tr|by Trio are among the rearrangers who take liberties with Kruder's original material, adding and subtracting elements, morphing styles and changing speeds.

Gotan whips the meditative, spaced-out "The Man" into a hyperactively swinging easy-listening version of its former self, while Rainer Trüby transforms the subdued, jazzy "Shining" into a bonafide drum 'n' bass number, easily tripling the original's beats-per-minute count. Indeed, most of the "Reset" remixers choose to accelerate the loungy headphone music of "Peace Orchestra," relentlessly pushing it onto the dance floor.

Peace Orchestra's "The Man"
Remixed by Gotan Project
Audio: Real Audio
Duration: 7:17

By Ewald Christians

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