Harrison and Calista to marry?

Will Ford and Flockhart tie the knot this Christmas? And what about Pamela and Kid Rock? Plus: Boy George pisses off Madonna!

By Amy Reiter
Published July 25, 2002 4:05PM (EDT)

Perhaps you've heard the rumor about Harrison Ford refusing to appear in the next "Indiana Jones" flick unless his girlfriend Calista Flockhart is written into the script?

Not true, Ford told the Vancouver Province this week.

But no sooner has Ford dispelled one nefarious rumor about his relationship with the "Ally McBeal" star than another rumor has reared its ugly head -- and this one's personal.

The London Daily Mail reports that, when asked for the skinny on his client's slender squeeze, Ford rep Pat McQueeney dropped this little bombshell.

"I won't talk about Calista Flockhart because we don't discuss her," McQueeney reportedly said. "But other people tell me not to be surprised if there's a wedding around Christmas."

Bring on the dancing babies.

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Between Kid Rock and a hard place

Not getting married just yet: Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock.

Engaged to Rock since April, Anderson says that the wedding plans are at a standstill.

"I could say right now we're in the trenches. We're just working on things. We love each other very much, but it's a difficult life, a difficult life. And I want what's best for my kids. And he has a son," the actress told Larry King in an interview this week. "I need to resolve a lot of issues ... before I can really move on and have another serious commitment."

One of those issues is Anderson's bout with hepatitis C, which will force her to put her career on hold for a little while as well. She will, she told King, begin a serious antiviral treatment to combat the effects of the disease.

"There's lots of side effects ... It's going to be a year of basically having the flu. Your hair falls out. It's a little kind of chemotherapy," she said, adding, "I want to do it for my kids, because I don't want to die, basically."

Here's wishing her a speedy recovery.

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How can they tell who's who?

"My husband and I have the same nickname for each other: Bushie."

-- First Lady Laura Bush revealing entirely too much, in Glamour.

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Does he really want to hurt her?

Cat fight! Boy George and Madonna are hissing at each other.

The former Culture Club singer recently hinted to British journalists that his former '80s pop rival used Botox injections and added that he himself prefers to "grow old gracefully," boasting, "I've got great skin. I don't need it!"

His allegations apparently got Madonna's back up, prompting her spokesman to tell Peoplenews.com, "It sure doesn't sound like he's growing old all that gracefully."

Claws in, girls.

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